Blog Crush: Lori Times Five

Blog Crush: Lori Times Five

Have you heard about this Shetland trip that Mary Jane Mucklestone and Gudrun Johnston are leading next month? I have the pleasure of knowing both of them — have taken classes with both — and got to hang out with Gudrun a bit at Squam last month, and they are truly remarkable people and teachers. Plus: Sheltland! So it’s killing me not to be able to go on this trip. But what’s making it even worse is that the people who are going are some of my favorite and most admired knitters. Those I’m aware of include Kathy Cadigan and Nicole Dupuis (both former Our Tools, Ourselves profilees, as you’ll see from those links); Claire Dupont, who is a favorite of mine on both Ravelry and Instagram (and who has a standing invitation to Our Tools); and Lori Ann Graham from one of my favorite knitterly blogs, Lori Times Five. That’s her above, in the Bressay dress and Hansel shawl she knitted for the trip — both designs of Gudrun’s. (Bressay is from Mary Jane’s book “Fair Isle Style.”) “Zest for life” is not a phrase I use a lot, but it’s what springs to mind when I think about Lori and her long, photo-filled posts about her latest adventures — be they hiking or knitting or hitting up a festival or flea market somewhere in the world. I so admire her exuberance, and love her theory that “the longer an item takes to make, the more photographs it gets.” At least those of us who can’t go to Shetland — at least not this time! — will get to see Lori’s version. (And I imagine Nicole will blog about it as well.)

I’m also counting on all of these women to be posting copiously on Instagram: @mjmucklestone, @gudrunjohnston, @kathycad, @clairedupont @loritimesfive. If anyone reading this is also going, please point me to your online self!


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  1. I love Lori’s blog too! I don’t know her personally but I look forward to seeing and reading all her adventures in travel and knitting. She also lives in beautiful Carpinteria, which is a town I used to visit every summer as a kid. Her photographs are amazing!

  2. Looking forward to traveling in such marvelous company! Karen, if it weren’t for the happy life circumstances keeping you and Anna from going— we’d be hard-pressed to forgive your absence!

  3. thank you so much karen :) :) wish you were coming! i’m sure we’ll do our best to keep the ig feed updated.

    thank you for such kind comments too lovely friends! xo

  4. Oh, I love Lori’s blog. She is so sweet and thoughtful about what she writes. I am sorry to hear about this trip because now I’m overcome with jealousy. :)

  5. Another Lori fan here. I adore traveling vicariously through her reportage. I met her when she took a class from me in Santa Barbarar a couple of years ago, and I’ve been stalking her blog ever since. That is going to be a fabulous group in Shetland.

  6. Since I am planning on some sort of Knitting Trip to Scotland/Shetland in 2017 (my 50th birthday!) I will be sure to pay attention! Thanks for sharing Karen

  7. I feel SOOO lucky to be going on this trip, and one of the things I’m most excited about is meeting sweet Lori. I’ve admired her beautiful work and spirit for so long. Her Bressay dress is a thing of beauty. I’m working furiously on mine. It should make for some fun group photos. ;)

  8. Well you know we wish you were joining us (and Anna)…next time! And yes your instagram feed will be overloaded with Shetland in a few weeks!

  9. I live in Shetland so I’m so excited in the other direction for all these ladies to come and see me (well Jamieson & Smith, where i work but ill be there too!)

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  12. Hi there I just found your blog and I love it !!!
    I’m also a big fan of Lori and all those ladies. Read every single post about the Shetlands and now it’s my big dream when I retire to make a trip there ( I only have 5 more years to go and counting every day :)
    I’m following you now and will be checking all of your posts.
    I have been knitting for about 10/12 years and I’m a simple knitter who is striving to so better every day .
    Love, love your blog !

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