New Favorites: Cable-ish socks

New Favorites: Cable-ish socks

I never did knit that cable-hat palate cleanser I was on about last month. But I still have a yearning for cables (I always have a yearning for cables) and am reminded of my goal to knit at least one pair of socks this summer. Ergo, cable socks — or at least cable-ish socks — are my new fixation:

LEFT: The Planorbis Corneus Socks by Hunter Hammersen are actually lace stitches that look a bit like basic cables (free pattern)

RIGHT: The Cross-Rib Socks by Ann Budd are cable stitches that look more like gothic cathedral architecture than traditional cables


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9 thoughts on “New Favorites: Cable-ish socks

  1. I’m just finishing a complete pair of socks. (I’ve had single sockitis because they just haven’t fit). These don’t fit either, and I’m just now realizing I need to go down a size in my needle to make it work for me). But it’s a learning curve and I’m like a kit on a slide! My second pair, toe up, two at a time are on the needles now. Love the cables…I’m looking for a cute design for the cuffs…
    Such inspiration, thanks, Karen!

  2. I’m addicted to cables. Love the Cross-Rib Socks. I’ve seen that design in a couple of stitch dictionaries and even swatched it with the intention of using it as the ribbing on a sweater design one of these days.

  3. I have a sweet pair of socks (two at a time) that have been languishing on needles WAY too long. Only the toes left to do, which makes it even sillier. These patterns are enough to have me finish those and start a pair of these – oh ya. They’re wonderful!

  4. I, too, am jonesing for cables this summer and just finished an Unoriginal Hat (free Yarn Harlot pattern) which uses big needles and big yarn so it’s fast and flashy. Check it out. Pretty socks… I’ll probably be queuing those later.

  5. Cabled socks are so lovely. I’ve had both Rachel Coopey’s Saxifrage and Tanis Lavallee’s Smokestack socks in my queue forever! You’re making me want to drop everything and cast on one of each.

  6. I haven’t knit cables in years, in fact nothing even somewhat interesting in several years. It’s been a constant demand for stockingette, ribbing and seed stitch. I am desperately craving cables and lace. I just haven’t found the perfect yarn yet.

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