TAC Magazine is here! (plus mid-move shipping schedule)

TAC Magazine is here!

This weekend begins the big move — and no, I’m not ready — but today I am thrilled to hit the pause button on that, because finally TAC Magazine has landed at Fringe Supply Co. and I am here to ship you your copy! Textile Arts Center in New York is a place I’ve been dreaming about ever since listening to a Design Sponge interview with one of the founders a couple of years ago. So when they announced they were doing a print magazine, my heart skipped a beat and I did a little dance. And then I immediately contacted them and bought a huge stack, sight unseen, trusting that it would be amazing. And it is! You can read all about it and grab your copy over at the webshop.

. . .

Speaking of shipping and the big move: As of Monday morning, Bob and I will be in a car headed for Nashville, but it will take us a week to get there. So there will be limited (partially mobile) shipping between now and July 7th.


  • Orders received this morning (06.27) will ship today
  • Orders by Sunday morning (06.29) will ship Monday morning (o6.30)
  • Orders between Sunday morning and Thursday morning (07.03) will ship Thursday
  • Orders after Thursday morning will ship the following Tuesday (07.08)

*That is my plan, but there are multiple stars that must align (i.e., circumstances not necessarily within my control) for it to work out that way, so I can’t make any guarantees, only statements of intention!

Likewise, if you send me an email or have a customer service issue to work out between now and the week of July 7th, please expect and forgive a slower-than-usual response.

I have some really good stuff lined up for the blog next week (again, stars willing) so do check in! And meanwhile, have a fantastic weekend!


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  1. We just moved from California to Ohio, so I completely understand where you are at right now. Good luck and be sure to soak it all in. Driving across the country has it’s difficulties and it’s beauty!! You are going to love Nashville. If we didn’t have family in Ohio we might have moved there instead. Warmly, Elizabeth

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