New Favorites: Massaman set

New Favorites: Massaman set

One of the first things I ever favorited at Ravelry, when I first learned to knit, is this “Charcoal set” by a knitter who goes by knittimo — a simple charcoal pullover and a little cowl knitted in the same yarn. I didn’t necessarily love the particulars of the cowl, but I loved the idea of a removable turtleneck, basically. I remember how charmed I was when I ran into it. (We were still living in the always-blustery Bay Area then, where protecting your neck is a daily must, year-round. Being able to remove the cowl once inside was immensely appealing.) In the past couple of weeks, I’ve seen two different patterns released for a sweater with matching cowl, which brought that old favorite to mind. The one I an enamored with is Massaman by Elizabeth Smith, a sleeveless take on the same thought. You know I love a sleeveless turtleneck, but I also adore this little tee without its cowl. Having the cowl option, though, makes an already great layering piece that much more fun to play with. And it would be so fun and quick to knit …

Uh oh. I think I hear my resolve cracking.


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  1. You always come up with such gorgeous patterns! This Massman is perfect for our winter in São Paulo: sleeveless so you can use it over a basic cotton T and not get overwarmed. With an optional cowl if you want to use it with a heavier coat on top and look elegant. Loved it and already got it from Ravelry. Thank you Karen!

  2. No wonder ! This set is stunning, and indeed, perfect for layering and wearing indoors/outdoors. Ooh, I am smitten too. The texture is lovely.

  3. I made two of Elizabeth Smith’s patterns and her directions are very thorough and well written. Makes a project less stressful!

  4. It’s funny, but when I first saw this beautiful duo, I thought of you and your lovely shoulders. And sure enough, your reaction was “take me to your leader”! :)

  5. Last week I ordered Chickadee in Sedum color to make Lassi – what a beautiful sweater. This is the first I’ve realized that there was a matching sleeveless top.

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