New Favorites: Colorwork slippers

New Favorites: Colorwork slippers

I’m still dreaming about house socks and slippers without actually casting any on, while facing the cold hard fact that my slippers all bit the dust last winter and I really do need to remedy the situation. I’m also at that familiar annual juncture where I’m concerned I might make it to January without having knitted any colorwork at all this year! Dianna Walla’s Hearth Slippers are still a temptation (especially after this pic she posted of her own the other day) but I’m also smitten with these two:

TOP: Burnett Slippers by Whitney Hayward are a knockout and extra cozy at that length

BOTTOM: Hansdatter Slippers by Kristin Drysdale — I’m a sucker for that Selbu Rose motif, they’re a quicker knit, and I already own the Rauma yarn

Both are super cute on the bottoms, too, but I clearly need to add leather reinforcement to mine.


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  1. That’s the problem with all knitted footwear. It has a limited life, even with reinforcement. Sigh. BTW, keep in mind that stranded knitting makes a less elastic fabric; it’s an argument in favour of the shorter slippers over the taller ones.

    • That’s such an interesting idea! I’ve seen fulled stranded bags and I always liked how the slightly blurred color work reminds me a bit of ikat. Would be fun to try in Brown Sheep Lamb’s Pride bulky weight, which felts super well and has a ton of colors to choose from. Ooh I so want to try this!

  2. I love those Hansdatter ones. I have a pair of felted wool slippers that I bought from a maker in NY, and after a few months, ended up reinforcing the bottoms with leather and they are hanging in there. When you do yours, would you please do a post on how you do the leather reinforcements – what kind of leather, thread, how you sew them, etc? I feel like I could have done mine better, though they are serviceable right now.

  3. I’ve actually worn a few holes in my own Hearth Slippers! I fixed up one slipper (and re-sewed on the soles) while in Norway, but didn’t get to the other before I packed them up in a box. Now that they’re here and I’m wearing them again, though, it’s probably time I dealt with that second slipper… FWIW the Heirloom Romney is so tough that I don’t fear the holes growing too quickly even as I keep wearing them. They should still be pretty easy to darn!

  4. I’ve made many pairs of felted slippers for myself, the husband and kids. My husband can’t get enough of his and requests repairs, and replacements when repairs just won’t do. I wear mine out too quickly as I’m on my feet a lot when home. After seeing them in Germany, I finally bought a pair of Glerups and can’t say enough good things about them. I put them on as soon as I get home and they are like a warm hug for the feet. The have a leather sole that adds a bit of support and holds up well to wood floors that don’t get paid much attention, trips to the wood pile, and car….

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