New Favorites: Hearth Slippers

New Favorites: Hearth Slippers

I’m having a serious case of knitting FOMO right about now. My friend Anna at Tolt enlisted my friend Dianna Walla to design a pattern using my friends at Fancy Tiger’s Heirloom Romney, and the result is the totally adorable Hearth Slippers. And now they’re all having a joint knitalong! I saw the samples when I was at Tolt and they’re even cuter in person. But I’ve been checking out the hashtag on Instagram the past few days and I’m loving all the color combos people are coming up with. Especially these two — so different. I wish I loved knitting colorwork as much as I love having knitted colorwork, because my feet would really enjoy these.


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  1. Oh I love colourwork! I never did and then it just took hold with a couple of simple yokes or simple cuffs on socks! But with 24 projects on my project page (and yarn purchased) maybe next year (or three years from now) when I get through this. These slippers a are so sweet.

  2. I have the pattern, a couple of pairs of slipper bottoms and the yarns I need to make these Hearth Slippers… but there’s sadly no way that I’ll even start them until mid-January. Hopefully, it will still be cold enough to enjoy them once they’re done. They remind me of the mukluks I wore as a child.

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