New Favorites: (Holiday) hat mania!

New Favorites: (Holiday) hat mania!

I’ve been favoriting hat patterns like crazy at Ravelry lately, and have printed out no less than threeHuck, Lancet and No. 1 below — as my just-in-case alternate travel project for later this week. (How will I pick one?!) Since I know a lot of you are gearing up (or already in the midst of) holiday knitting, I thought this would be a good chance to update the ever-popular Holiday hat knitting cheat sheet, this time organized by what kind of knitting you’re in the mood for. Note that most of them are unisex, and a couple include kids’ sizes—

1.) Simple knits and purls: Anker’s Hat by PetiteKnit (See also: the sweater version)

2.) A little colorwork: Luzerne Hat by Whitney Hayward

3.) A lot of colorwork: Miguel Hat by Rosa Pomar

4.) A little cabling: Parallelogram Hat by Angela Hahn

5.) A bit more cabling: Kagome Beanie by Veera Välimäki

6.) Teeny-tiny cables: Sumburgh Hat by Jen Arnall-Culliford

7.) Whole big bunch o’ cables: Brackett by Whitney Hayward

8.) Stockinette plus: Top-down Ear Flap Hat by Purl Soho (free pattern)

9.) Little bonnets: Animal Bonnet by Jenny Gordy

10.) Big bonnet: Diana Hat by Martha Wissing

New Favorites: (Holiday) hat mania!

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11 thoughts on “New Favorites: (Holiday) hat mania!

  1. Having finished 2 sweaters, thanks largely to Summer of Basics, thank you for that! I’m now wanting a small project like a hat, I love Huck and will probably get it but, will you ever put your pattern for the Debutant Hat up for sale? It’s really pretty and looks like an interesting knit!
    Thanks for keeping us motivated and challenged!

  2. Karen–Love the idea of using hats as travel projects. Hope to see you at Rhinebeck. Happy knitting, Heidi Cohen

  3. So many good ones! I’m currently making Iris the cardigan version of the first hat you posted (Anker). Thanks so much for posting my pattern! I really appreciate how supportive you’ve been. : )

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