New Favorites: Bulky hats

New Favorites: Bulky hats

I’ve got that certain combination of an itch for a quick finish and a few different skeins of bulky in my stash that I’m dying to knit with. And as it happens, there are also a couple of bulky hat patterns I’m dying to knit!

TOP: Divide by Emily Greene (her first pattern, apparently?) is the best hat I’ve seen all year, and will be mine

BOTTOM: Lancet by Jared Flood is written for both bulky and DK versions and looks great both ways

… and I’m still carrying a torch for Fidra and Halus, too, which has been going on since February.

By the way, one of the bulky yarns I’m dying to knit with is the TN Textile Mill yarn I posted about last Monday. I got news late last week that it is now available for purchase on their website, along with the matching DK, for those of you who were interested.


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11 thoughts on “New Favorites: Bulky hats

  1. Just knit Halus for a gift. Was a quick knit and super fun. I really didn’t want to give it away. :) I will be knitting another for myself!

  2. Fidra really is my favorite. I’ve made it twice, one with a pom and one without and they’re both awesome. I get the most compliments ever on that hat.

  3. Bulky hats are such win-win-win projects: super quick, super snuggly, great one-skein (usually) projects for trying out a new yarn. I love them, too!

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