New Favorites: Vodka on the Rocks

New Favorites: Vodka on the Rocks

No matter how badly I need simple, plain pullovers, I can’t stop adding elaborately textured cardigans to my knitting wish list. Just when I thought I was getting a handle on my addiction, along comes Thea Colman with this Vodka on the Rocks pattern (part of The Vodka Collection of cardigans, all of them good) and suddenly I’m mentally rearranging my list again. It’s one of those designs that manages to strike a balance between intriguing and wearable: Most of the fabric (in particular the sleeves) is a vertical textured stripe that avoids adding bulk, with a single cable column running up each front and a large, intricate cable panel contained to the back. But it all hangs together as a design, looking both gorgeous and fun to knit. Dammit.


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  1. I was a tester for Vodka Straight Up, and I can tell you that you will not regret knitting a babycocktails pattern. She does a really good job writing those instructions.

  2. Lately, my internal dialogue has been something like this “well, I really love wearing sweaters and they are mymost favorite thing to knit, but maybe I should make this my Year of Socks. After all, Tolt has that really cute “Stock your Socks Drawer” bag and a lot of featured yummy yarns for socks, and working on socks would give me the chance to try a lot of different yarns that I don’t get to with sweaters. And I’d get to try some different stitch patterns in a small way and have some more immediate gratification AND some time to pursue sewing.” – And then I saw the Vodka Collection and said “Nope, this is next on the list! Socks will have to wait.”

  3. So happy to see these cardigans. On the coast of SC pullovers are just not practical. And Vodka with a Twist has pockets! How wonderful is that! Would love to see some lighter weight knits (cardigans).

  4. When I first saw the title of the post I thought, “Yes! We’re talking about alcohol now!” Clearly I have a lot of thoughts about things on your blog, which is good (and which say a lot about me – hah). I’ve been having a cardigan moment, casting on for a Kate Davies’ pattern over the weekend (my first steeking project), and I’m a sucker for pattern and texture. I like the way this one hangs straight down. It gives it a modern feel.

  5. I love the honeycomb patterned sweater in her collection (vodka with a twist-ha!) along with knitbot’s honeycomb pullover. BUT neither are exactly what I want, which is a vintage cardigan that I found in a thrift shop that was way too small but functioned as the inspiration for my stalled top-down knitalong project. So I’m just going to get back to knitting that. Thanks, Karen, for both the original inspiration and now the mid-year wip/whip!

  6. If you keep a cardigan buttoned it’s a pullover….just sayin’. I too need basic pullovers and have various bundles over on Ravelry for different yarn weights. I’m even working on one now (basic black). And yet, the cables are calling me.

  7. I am a huge fan of Thea Colman. Every pattern (hats) I’ve knitted comes out exactly the way it looks on the models at the size it says it should be. This sweater is beautiful! Like Claudia, I love how it hangs straight down.

  8. Already have it on the needles! Guess I need an AA for slowing down my knitting! So exciting to open up a wonderful new look at v-neck cardigans! Want to try them all…

  9. The cables in with a twist are interesting, but the buttonband is too wide, buttons to haeavy. Give me straight up with the collar and pockets. Now that I can see on my needles!

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