New Favorites: Baedecker

New Favorites: Baedecker

I have yet to knit a scarf, and every once in awhile I see a scarf that makes me think, hm, that might be the one. I’m still not over Linda, but now there’s Baedecker by Marina Skua (from Quince and Co’s Scarves Etc 6 collection) putting up an argument that perhaps it should be my first. I’m entranced by those giant cabled diamonds — so simple, but so striking. If I get to do some long-distance traveling this spring, this might be a good companion, since it would be occupying but slow going.


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6 thoughts on “New Favorites: Baedecker

  1. Lovely how the bands fold and disappear as they form the diamonds. I really wish every scarf pattern would show the reverse – it’s always gonna show when you wear it.

  2. This is beautiful – and, yes, I’d like to see the reverse. On long gorgeous scarves: I finally knit one of the Jared Flood patterns – very long like this one. Took me forever but now I’ve worn it for two winters. Awesome! I’d so wanted a BIG scarf to fold double around my neck and still hang down the front of me. Sigh… recommend! I knit away at it between projects until it was done. I also learned, the hard way, that the chart went right to left then left to right. It was my second charted pattern. I was so very frustrated that one of the sections would not knit out right – someone talked about it in their Ravelry notes and saved me!

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