New Favorites: Purl’s most brilliant blanket

New Favorites: Purl Soho's most brilliant blanket

Here I am adding to my list of blankets I’d love to nap under but don’t have the patience to knit! But being a sucker for clever construction, I can’t let this one go unremarked: Purl Soho’s new Learn-to-Love-Steeks Blanket (free pattern). I know, you’re thinking “Did she just say ‘clever construction’ in a post about a blanket?” I did. With refined facings and edgings, it’s a simple single-stripe stockinette blanket, but it’s worked in the round — in a big tube, in other words — and then cut open. The implications and levels of brilliance of that combination are explained far better by Laura in her intro to the pattern than I can paraphrase, so you should really just go read the whole thing.


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10 thoughts on “New Favorites: Purl’s most brilliant blanket

  1. That is a work of art! If I was ever able to tackle such a lovely blanket I’d hang it on the wall:)

  2. I watched the whole steeking video. Wow. It’s gorgeous! I would love to make it one day. *sigh*. But there are so so many things to knit!! Thanks always for pointing us in the direction of excellence!

  3. I will admit that I was initially daunted by the idea, but after I watched Purl Soho’s excellent instructional video, I’m ready to attempt. However, I will definitely do a small scale practice swatch first!

  4. You gotta love steeks! I’ve been steeking ever since taking classes with Alice Starmore back in the early ’90s, although I have a preference machine sewn steeks over Alice’s “do nothing” version (of course, she knits at an extremely firm gauge with sticky shetland wool). Several of my own designs take advantage of steeks (Trellis, Wolfe Island Gansey, and the soon-to-be published Fusion). Steeks simplify knitting to an amazing degree, and they’re not just for stranded work.

  5. What a clever way to do steeks! I was wondering if one could use this technique on sweaters? At the binding off stage, knit the buttonband. This way, no sewing ribbons on the inside of the sweater. I may have to try that idea on a swatch.

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