Green is the new Thistle

Green is the new Thistle

I’ve apparently not been enthused about Pantone’s Color of the Year since 2014’s pick, “Radiant Orchid” (and my yarn choice, Brooklyn Tweed’s Thistle). And I was puzzled when I heard this year’s Color is Greenery, thinking didn’t we just have Emerald? But apparently that was 2013. 2015 was “Marsala,” and 2016 was a baby pink-and-blue combo I did not love. But if you saw this Instagram post last Spring or that green camisole top I made in August, you’ll guess I’m on board with Greenery. (Even if the flat Pantone swatch brings to mind that color all the packaged food companies use to convey that theirs are the “healthy” cookies.)

So what about yarn? There are millions of green yarns in the world, from neon to murky, and from chartreuse and mint to alpine and olive. But “Greenery,” this grassy, cheery, newly-sprouted-leaf green is not the easiest color to come by in a yarn. The two best options I can find are Quince and Co.’s colorway called Snap Pea, pictured up top on their Chickadee but available on all of their wool yarns, and Green Mountain Spinnery’s Cotton Comfort pictured in the color Leaf. Sincere Sheep also has a semi-solid colorway called Virid that’s available on several bases, and a new color called Katydid launching later this month that might be even closer. And for a tweedy alternative, there’s Arranmore (my current amour) in the color Shamrock. Other suggestions?


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  1. I am just not a greenery person. I loved last year’s soft blue, and knew it was too good to last. I guess I’ll just have to be dated, until next year when maybe I can be trendy again. :-)

    • Same, I dislike it. Probably because I would look so terrible in it. I agree with Karen that it looks great on trees, of course!

      • I think that is it – I would look very ill if I wore that color — but I do like it on trees and other plants. just not my needles. :-)

  2. My new green-love is Harrisville Designs Highland yarn in Grass. There’s a sweater in my future out of that color!!!!

  3. Whenever you come to Paris and go to visit Aimée at La Bien Aimée, you’ll have to check on De Rerum Natura Yarns. They are totally gorgeous and locally produced (France and Italy), and the light green call “Printemps” is just that green.
    I’m absolutely not into bright colours, and I’ve always considered Pantone’s colour in home decoration (yes to last year’s pale pink !) and never in garment. I stick to black, grey, cream and naturals. But this year’s colour makes me considering a dark green sweater (like De Rerum Natura Forêt colour).

  4. Isager carries two yarns, Spinni (lace weight) and Tvinni (fingering weight), labelled #15s which is a lovely green. It looks somewhat muted in interior light, but get it into sunlight and it shines. Syracuse NY is covered in snow right now, so I can’t compare #15s to any greenery, but it’s my favorite green. US supplier is Tutto in Santa Fe, New Mexico, at

  5. Kate Davies has a colour called Yaffle, or Spring Green, which looks remarkably like Greenery

  6. This is my favourite colour! I have some sock-weight yarn in this colour earmarked for sweater, and it’s been waiting at least 3 years. Maybe 2017 is the year I finally make it!

  7. I’ve been eyeing Knit Pick’s Stroll Tonal in Matcha. It is a tonal, but I think it is the closest to Greenery in their sock yarns.

  8. Lettlopi in Spring Green Heather, Plucky Knitter Oh Deere! and Turf, all look like pretty good matches (on my screen anyway!)

  9. Little Fox Yarn – a small indie-dyer based out of central Virginia – has the most delicious new green colorway. Aptly named “Spring Thaw” on their Vulpine base. Even if Punxsutawney Phil did see his shadow today, this yarn has me excited for the upcoming season of growth and casting on …

  10. I’m always attracted to green, but I look terrible IN green! Too much yellow in my skin. The most beautiful green yarn I ever had was handspun and dyed by someone. I gifted it to my sister.

  11. I actually knit a bunch in this kind of shade but a little brighter last year. Malabrigo green apple and Miss Babs in ghoulish are two favorites.

  12. You are so lucky in the USA to have so many yarn choices! I’m afraid we’re more limited here in Canada (and mail order from south of the border gives rise to huge duties and taxes that can double the cost of the purchase, not to mention the effect of the exchange rate). That said, I just finished a new design incorporating a bunch of Quince’s greens, including Snap Pea, into some fair isle work. We desperately need colour, especially green, here in Canada in February.

  13. Isn’t it great we’re all so different (yeah, diversity!). I detest green (except that great Blue Sky Fibers acidy-green Golden Meadow which for me is more yellow than green anyway) – and I loved the Pantone blue/rose from last year. Beautiful evening sky colours. Even though I won’t be knitting with green, I love your questions and reading the responses. Thank you.

  14. I knit a lot of green as a diversion from black and grey. Love all greens except a shocking Kelly. I particularly love any green that is close to the color of Kermit the frog. So springy and fresh.

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