New Favorites: Linda

New Favorites: Linda

I’m truly savoring every cold minute we have left to us, living in dread of the swamp heat I know will be here soon, but also trying not to lose sight of the coming loveliness of Spring. I am eager to trade in my heavy wool pea coat for a cozy scarf or shawl, and there is one that shot straight to the top of my list last week: Linda by Deb Hoss, from Quince’s Scarves Etc. 4 collection. I love the proportions of this thing. And the dense side fringe? Even better than how great it looks is that it’s very cleverly achieved.

I have the exact right amount of yarn left over from my Bellows. Wouldn’t it make it easier on me, when I must give Bellows up for the season, to have this to take its place?


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  1. also at the very top of my list! love that turquoise!!!! that entire book is is begging to be knit – Quince seems to do that to me! Great designs, great yarn

  2. Quince and Madder have been putting out so many great patterns I don’t quite know what to knit first! The Madder Spring Pleasures has my mind just spinning on what to make next.

    • Oh, don’t be scared of charts! This one is written and charted, but in this case it’s a tiny little chart and just knits and purls, so it’d be a great place to start — with the written instructions there to help you see how they match up.

  3. I don’t know how you come up with new ideas every day! Even if I’m not crazy about the image/concept, it’s out there for us to consider. I salute you, Karen Templer!

    • Okay I’m in, I bought the pattern and I’m going to try this. Very pretty color.

  4. I thought this was a vest at first glance and I was all for it. That fringe has me feeling some type of way!

  5. From a Nashvillian, you will probably get use out of a nice shawl or light cardigan every day through the summer. They will BLAST you with air conditioning down there. ;)

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