St. Brendan: Outfits!

St. Brendan: The outfits!

Yesterday’s post about my finished yoke sweater got a wee bit long! I am determined to compile outfit ideas for every FO this year, so in this case I decided to save them for today.

One of the reasons I shy away from (buying or knitting) really distinctive clothing is it’s really distinctive — if I run into you somewhere in a standout garment, you’re gonna remember if I had the same thing on the last time you saw me. Also, really distinctive garments tend not to be combinable in a lot of different ways for a lot of different looks. The point being only that I don’t want to feel like I’m wearing the same outfit all the time — to me, the fun is in mixing things up — thus all the solids and neutrals in my closet. But this particular sweater is an example of how none of that is automatically true. The key is that this beauty goes with literally every “bottom” in my closet. It’s possible to get mildly creative with it, as seen in the two sketches up top—

Dressed down = layered over my favorite b/w flannel shirt with jeans and ankle boots
Dressed up = paired with my black-on-black embroidered skirt and tall boots

But the joyous part is even if all I do is reach for the next pair of pants on the pile and a pair of black shoes, they add up to decidedly different looks, sparing me from monotony …

St. Brendan: The outfits!

(Fashionary sketch templates from Fringe Supply Co.)


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13 thoughts on “St. Brendan: Outfits!

  1. I love the outfit planning posts!!! it’s a classic sweater and I’m into how unexpected the camo is!

  2. Hilariously I thought the pants in the first row were shiny silver and not camo. I was like, “Hey, nice way to define neutral!” As you probably know, I tend to have pieces that are all over the place, but I do love a good neutral. My goal this summer is to make my own jeans (going with the Birkin Flares pattern). I think a good stock of neutral bottoms is key to mooring distinctive pieces.

    • Oh gosh — if you ever see me in shiny silver pants, you’ll know I’ve gone through some kind of conversion! I totally admire your “all over the place”ness and wish I could pull it off. For me it’s always about trying to be safe and semi-classic yet somehow not boring!

  3. I think I need to do this with a few of my knit tops. I don’t always know what to wear them with but seems like a good way to plan out some outfits.

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