Someday vs. Right Away: Mosaic knitting

Someday vs Right Away: Mosaic knitting

Maybe the reason I keep saying I want to try my hand at mosaic knitting but never actually do it is that I keep favoriting blankets and scarves, and I apparently don’t knit blankets or scarves! Even Dami Hunter’s Southwest-inspired Kiva wrap (top) isn’t allover mosaic like some others I’ve daydreamed of knitting, and yet it’s a Someday project for me nevertheless. Meanwhile, Andrea Mowry’s new hat pattern, Tincture, is bite-size mosaic, highly tempting. Or there’s the possibility of a dishtowel or washcloth-sized appetizer such as Purl Soho’s Slip Stitch Dishtowels (free pattern).


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9 thoughts on “Someday vs. Right Away: Mosaic knitting

  1. I love how the Tincture hat looks so complicated but once you break it down, may not be a difficult knit. Thanks for the link, I love it!

  2. Look at Barbara Walker’s book Mosaic Knitting, as well as her Treasury of Knitting Patterns (many pages of slip stitch patterns).

  3. you really should try mosaic knitting. it is such a fun technique.
    a hat, washcloth or even a head band would be perfect for trying out the technique on a small scale.
    B walker’s books are great for charts to play with. I used one mosaic chart and knit swatches 3 different ways – slip st as intended, stranded knitting and double knitting just to compare how the different methods behaved in a swatch. it was fun to see each swatch and compare the stitches. mosaic has a good deal more stretch than stranded knitting has.

  4. I say go for the hat. Mosaic knitting is really quite easy. But I have a thing against knitting washcloths or towels. Just sayin’.

  5. Every time I see mosaic somewhere I think of the mystery Dries Van Noten vest you featured some time ago . . . some day I’ll give that a go.

  6. I’ve bookmarked this same Andrea Mowry pattern (honestly I bookmark anything she designs). I’d love to hear your comments about it if you make it.

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