New Favorites: Mildly mannish cables

New Favorites: Menswear-inspired cable sweater patterns

Michele Wang has been teasing the internet with the her latest collection lately, and yesterday it materialized as the newest edition of Interweave’s Wool Studio. The whole thing is menswear-inspired (and male-monikered) and draped in cables so you know I’m into it. I do like the little hat, Morgan; the cabling on the Benedict Pullover is remarkably beautiful; and it would be hard not to love the Frederick Cardigan. But the two that really give me the wants are—

ABOVE: Charles Pullover is a big dream of a turtleneck with a gorgeous cable panel running each sleeve (knitted in my beloved Arranmore no less, and this is making me take a second look at that color)

BELOW: James Cardigan is a lovely slouchfest with an irresistible cable motif, dreamy in a nice tweedy grey (that appears to be Arranmore by another name?)

I already downloaded the whole set and am currently fantasizing about a James-Bellows mashup, which I would like to knit on my couch while wearing the turtleneck.

New Favorites: Menswear-inspired cable sweater patterns

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31 thoughts on “New Favorites: Mildly mannish cables

  1. haha, i suspected this would be the subject of today’s post! glad to see the sweaters have claimed your heart as they’ve claimed mine, i’ll be casting on a james ASAP

  2. The Charles Pullover is *everything*. Michele is amazing at cables but the lines that she creates even with cable-less patterns are amazing !!!!

  3. I’ve used that Jo Sharp yarn before. It really holds up without pilling. I love all tweeds. the Charles Pullover in that grape color is beautiful. I better learn to knit faster.

  4. Oooh Frederick is a nice menswear style cardigan. That might inspire me to do a cable sweater and possibly in a more neutral color than hot pink.

  5. I wasn’t sure if your next “New Favorites” would be this collection or the new JulieHoovers’s Sweater Club … ;-)

  6. A few years ago I made her Rowe pattern. It took about 10 months to complete, but I’ve never loved a project more in the more than 60 years I’ve been knitting. Exquisite patterns, perfectly written directions.
    Now, I can’t wait to knit these patterns!

  7. oh lord wow I was gonna cast on equus by Julie Hoover after the holidays but now I’m having second guesses

  8. Such a great collection!!!!!! It’s a Benedict for me …. in the midnight yak …. my biggest yarn crush of the moment. I’m so inspired! This may call for a KAL ….

  9. Fabulous collection indeed. I’m with you about that Charles pullover; it had me from the get-go. I can totally see myself constantly alternating between nestling into the collar and petting my arms to stroke those cables… Sigh.

  10. I can see a James in my future. The first sweater I knit was Michelle’s Bedford – even as a novice I found her instructions very easy to follow and I got a really great result ( which is one of the few early attempts that hasn’t been frogged!). So I’m a big fan of Michelle Wang.

  11. I love the charles pullover, I’m just not sure how such bulky sweater would look on me. My sweaters are all fitted and in fingering or lace weight yarn.

    • I was going to say it’s really not a bulky fabric, but I guess compared to fingering or lace weight it might seem positively chunky! But just think how snuggly …

    • I’m with you Anne – i was thinking you’d have to be quite slight to wear Charles well. Which I am not….

  12. The Benedict and Charles pullovers are the stuff of dreams for me: oversized coziness, knit flat and seamed, CABLES…*le sigh*

    And I’ve got enough of Wool & the Gang’s Feeling Good yarn to make either one…

      • Close my eyes and point?

        I’ve got quite a bit of Juniper Moon Farm’s “Moonshine” on hand. It’s a lighter worsted, but I think I’ll swatch a bit and see if I can make it work. It’s such a gorgeous yarn to knit with and to wear.

        If it won’t work, fine: I’ll have an excuse to buy more yarn later.

  13. OK, just when I thought I had re-prioritized my queue, you throw a wrench in the works with that berry-colored “Arranmore” you’ve been raving about with that turtle-neck pullover.! And then the James cardigan keeps screaming “Me, too!”. I just hope I come back as a (better/faster) knitter in my next life because there is no way I will ever get to everything on ever-changing to-do list!

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