Top posts and highlights of 2017

Top posts and highlights of 2017

I published only one pattern this year — Sloper, which, like Improv before it, is a pattern-tutorial hybrid — and not surprisingly it was the most popular post I published this year, while Improv continues to be the most popular of all time! (You can scroll through all of the free patterns on the blog right here.) But the top 5 for the year is an interesting mix: that pattern, the year’s biggest event, my meatiest Queue Check, a simple tip for a recurring problem and, somewhat surprisingly, my first pants—

Top 5 posts published in 2017:
1. Sloper: Basic pattern for a sleeveless sweater
2. Summer of Basics Make-along starts now!
3. Queue Check — March 2017: A whole new queue
4. Hot Tip: Bridge the gap
5. FO 10: My first pants

Top 5 from the archives:
1. Improv: Basic pattern/tutorial for a top-down seamless sweater
2. Joining sweater parts at the underarms: Here comes the fun!
3. Fringe Hatalong No. 1: Audrey by Jessie Roselyn
4. Pullovers for first-timers: Or, an introduction to sweater construction
5. Super Simple Mitts

Some personal highlights:

– Boldly cutting the body off my St. Brendan sweater and reworking it to my liking (finished sweater here)

– Finishing my Channel cardigan just in time to take it on my first trip abroad, to Paris

The Sloper knitalong — always so fun to see what you guys do with my patterns

Summer of Basics, again, as it totally changed my sewing life and my closet — plus finally knitting that fisherman sweater I’d been blogging about for five years

Squam (my first real time teaching knitting!)

Making jeans!

– The whole October 20×30 thing — all of this year’s Wardrobe Planning, actually

– And every response you guys leave on Q for You — I don’t generally have time to respond to them all as they’re so voluminous, but I absolutely love reading them.


It’s been a robust year for Our Tools, Ourselves and Hot Tips, among other things that are worth scrolling back through. This year, I’ve added How To to the top menu of the blog, for all of the tips and tutorials in one place, and I also introduced The Details, starting with my highly pleasing folded neckband join and a patch pocket tutorial. And I’m SO EXCITED for the Log Cabin Make-Along that kicks off on New Year’s Day!

I also want to say a huge thank-you to my contributors this year, Jess Schreibstein, Katrina Rodabaugh and Hannah Thiessen. It’s been a treat having their voices here on the blog, but I’ve decided next year to get back to just me musing about whatever I’m musing about! So please tell me: What were your favorite posts or series of the year? And what do you hope for more of in 2018?

And if you would take a minute to tell your friends about the blog or some specific component of it — at knit night or on social media or wherever — I would truly appreciate it. I’ll be back tomorrow with my headed-into-2018 Queue Check!


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24 thoughts on “Top posts and highlights of 2017

  1. Dear Karen, I just wanted to say that ALL your posts are my favourite posts. And you are my favourite blogger. Every day there is something interesting, thought provoking, informative, beautiful. But if I were really pushed, I might admit to liking Our Tools Ourselves the very best. Thank you so much.
    Wishing you and yours a very Happy Christmas and a very good New Year, and long may you blog :)

  2. Oh Karen Thank you for all your wonderful posts. I look forward to reading them daily. So, i can’t wait to read this coming year. You have filled many gaps in my knitting and some sewing. Thank you again.

  3. I always learn tons, when you show us how you changed a pattern or solved a problem. It shows us we don’t have to blindly follow a pattern.

    • It’s so important to me for people to know that. Understanding that things can be changed and HOW to change them … that’s what I want to focus even more on.

  4. I loved every bit of the Paris story, as well as seeing the jeans come to be.
    I always love the queue checks and strategies for filling in a wardrobe.

    • My daughter,a costume designer and art teacher, mentioned I would enjoy your blog and she was so right…it has opened a new world for me,expanding my knowledge and skills in sewing/knitting crafting !!! I will miss your guest entrepreneurs , if you choose to omit them…thanks for your work reminding us of the value,beauty,and personal pride in handwork…to clothe ourselves or make our environment more functional and beautiful.

  5. Thanks for a wonderful stimulating year! I love the knitting and sewing pearls, pro-tips, tricks and thought exercises. You have a unique way of approaching a pattern and then making it your own that I admire. Thanks for a great start to most days! I read the blog while sipping my morning espressso and I anticipate that event daily.

  6. Summer of basics got me bit by the sewing bug! Maybe a spring cleaning and a item or two for start of summer? Thank you!

  7. I love the knitalongs, they get me excited to see what everyone else is doing. And the knitting tutorials/tips are always helpful. Also speaking of the knitalong, since you got a kick out of my matching dog sweater I thought I’d let you know our holiday photo included our dogs matching us in knit sweaters. So Jellybean and I wore our Angelina pullovers and I knit my husband a fun striped sweater and knit the dog one too!

  8. I am so happy I found your site it is so inspiring. In our weaving study group we are focusing on creating with our handwoven fabric and I have talked about your site. What I enjoy the most is that you are about quality not quantity. Thank you!

  9. Your wardrobe planning posts are a huge inspiration, for sure. It looks like we’re going to move from a very hot climate to somewhere with more weather variety. Now I’m trying to balance slow fashion with picking up an entire season of clothes.

    • Moving to a new climate is so hard! Take time to figure out how will really feel about dressing (like yourself) in the seasons that are new to you. I’m still trying to figure out how to feel like me in summer clothes, but I’m getting there!

  10. Hands down, the jeans post because you inspired me to finally sew my own jeans, which I never, EVER thought I’d do!

    I signed up for/purchased the online class, and new denim and related notions are waiting for the holidays to end, because my first sewing project of 2018 is the jeans. (I’m having a hard time not starting them now, but I’m being firm with myself. There’s still too much that I have to do in the next three days.)

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  12. Catching up belatedly …l found the slow fashion citizen items really interesting, so I hope that will continue as a theme somehow. It is only a year or so since I discovered your blog and it quickly became indispensable. I save up 2 or 3 posts to read properly all together – your writing, projects and myriad links are a treat I look forward to hugely. Happy new year, and please keep doing what you’re doing!

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