A bevy of Slopers: highlights from the mini-knitalong

A bevy of Slopers: highlights from the mini-knitalong

It’s been so fun hosting this mini-knitalong for the Sloper sweater this month, as seen at #sloperKAL — and such a rainbow of results! We’ve got everything from hot pink to brown to denim blue (and many shades of grey, of course!). Stripes, solids, marls and texture. Turtlenecks, crewnecks and boatnecks. Linen, cotton, wool, you name it. And there are several people on their second or third one! Which makes me grin from ear to ear.

Here are a few of my favorite finishes,  although every sweater in the feed (WIP or FO) makes my heart melt a bit — thanks to everyone for knitting along!

TOP: @fabrickated has finished THREE this month — the photo up top is of her knitting a Sloper while wearing a Sloper! They are grey, hot pink and forest green with a contrast edge, and they’ve featured heavily in her fabulous #memademay outfit lineup, as you’ll see if you scroll through her feed. She layers them over dresses, under cardigans and jackets — with scarves, belted, on their own — and just generally shows off how versatile a garment it really is. Kate puts a shorter turtleneck on hers, so it can be worn either up (as in the hot pink photo link) or rolled down.

BOTTOM LEFT: @hellomister also put a shorter mock turtleneck on her adorable green Sloper. And how cute is this whole outfit? I love a Sloper over a shirt or tee, and stripes poking out of anything is always a good idea.

BOTTOM RIGHT: @mmlemichl got clever with her cheerful yellow crop top. Instead of binding off 3 sts for armhole shaping, she cast on three for more of a box top. She also gave it a big wide neck. (I’m eager to see how @tananose’s V-neck version of this turns out.)

Of course, it’s never too late to cast on! The Sloper pattern is free here on the blog, along with all sorts of adaptation ideas and guidance, and I always want to see what you make of it, no matter when. So please continue to use the #sloperKAL tag on Instagram and link your Ravelry projects to the pattern page.

(If anyone missed my linen V-neck version, that’s here!)


PREVIOUSLY: Sloper: Basic pattern for a sleeveless sweater

12 thoughts on “A bevy of Slopers: highlights from the mini-knitalong

  1. dang fabrickated looks so good!!!! those glasses!!! the hair!! the sloper!!! so polished

  2. I would like to know more about how mmlechl made hers into a cap sleeve and then eliminated the turtle neck. She says that she will post more on Ravelry, but ???? I will try to look for her there.

  3. I found her on Ravelry. It is “mmlemichi” and she includes her charts for the sleeves and neckline. Interesting. I have made it a ‘favorite’ and may make this.

  4. Oh my. I am blushing… Thank you so much for featuring my slopers Karen, for your inspiration, and for all the kind comments about my hair! I used to bleach it for years, but now I just celebrate its natural beauty. I am convinced everyone’s natural hair colour suits them better than Clairol.

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