Make Your Own Basics: Loungewear

Make Your Own Basics: Loungewear

I’ve been thinking about pants with regard to this Make Your Own Basics series and have decided that while “pants” are obviously a wardrobe building block, there’s really no single shape or length of them that is arguably always in style — it’s more a matter of what are you interested in right now. (I should acknowledge while saying this that there will definitely be some of you willing to argue the point — please do!) I’ve included jeans in our rundown of the basics, but with the broader category of pants, there are just too many variables. It’s like trying to say “tops” or “bottoms” are a wardrobe basic. Yes. But to get any more specific than that feels impossible to me.

With these noble and notable exceptions: the Sweatpant and the Pajama Pant. Which brings us to loungewear—

SWEATPANT: Hudson Pant by True Bias would be even more classic if you were to swap out the cuffs for elastic

PAJAMAS: Carolyn Pajamas by Closet Case Files are the ultra-classic, equally suitable for pajama-inspired daywear

SHORTY PAJAMAS: Lakeside Pajamas by Grainline Studio came up before as a camisole option, but deserve their rightful place here

With that, I think we’re headed into accessories, underwear and outerwear.

And don’t forget Summer of Basics starts in 2 days!


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8 thoughts on “Make Your Own Basics: Loungewear

  1. Does the basic have to be for summer? I am knitting a wrap (Seraphine by Broolyn Tweed) that I plan to be my basic outer wear to throw on and wear all winter. Plan is to finish by the end of June. In the southeast we do not need heavy coats and sweaters very often but do need something easy on those cold mornings. Excited to be a part of this. Have my 2 other projects waiting in my stash.

  2. Interesting this should be your topic today. I was just thinking this weekend that I need to sew some pajama pants for myself this summer. Any ideas for a beginner sewer are welcome.

    I will be participating in the Summer of Basics. I need some skirts for summer and early fall.

  3. ooh I have loads of underwear patterns, I wonder if they’ll end up on the list lol

  4. I love that big 3-4″ hem on the Carolyn pants. Plus prints that are too crazy to wear as outerwear could be so fun as pjs. I love picking the details like bindings and buttons.
    Thank you for the inspiration!

  5. I love sewing pajamas, nightshirts, and robes. I’ve made them for my Mom, my sister, my husband, my niece, my nephew, and myself. Wonderful cotton fabrics–madras and seersucker for summer, terrific flannels for winter. Love making specialty piping, adding the perfect trims, finding great buttons. And minimal fitting–drawstrings and elastic waists, oversized tops.

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