Queue Check — May 2017

Queue Check — May 2017

With my linen Sloper finished, I’m back to this allegedly-for-summer grey cardigan, the lone WIP at the moment. (Actually, that’s not entirely true — I’m also finishing up the hat samples for my Squam class. More on that to come.) I had the idea that I would knit the Sloper during my 10 days in Florida and then finish this cardigan by the end of May, but forgot I was working from my sister’s house and not actually on vacation! So apart from the drive home, there wasn’t much more knitting than usual … and thus here we are, the cardigan still very much a WIP. In addition to really needing this sweater right now, we’ve got Summer of Basics starting Thursday and I haven’t finalized my plan for that yet, although it will include the grey half-texture pullover. Plus there’s the make and mend list I just put together a couple of weeks ago. Plus I’m dying to swatch for the vintage fisherman sweater. It’s like I’m on the brink of starting so many (great, useful) things! So for the moment, I’m just taking a deep breath, concentrating energy on this cardigan, and seeing what I can do with it before the deluge.

Queue Check — May 2017

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10 thoughts on “Queue Check — May 2017

  1. Good luck! Sounds like you have a very busy making schedule ahead of you :) I can’t wait to hear more about the Squam class!

  2. The Balance is knitting up beautifully–you have a knack for making that yarn look so elegant!

  3. Concentration!!! Your gray sweater looks VERY promissing!!! Looking forward to seeing it done!

  4. will you do a feature on that fiber studio you visited in FL?? I loved the peeks on IG but I don’t remember its name :(

  5. I had a cardigan I was going to start for summer of basics…started it before my vacation last week and am almost finished. LOL Guess I’m going to pick another one. Knitting too quickly can be a problem sometimes.

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