New Favorites: Texture by the yard

New Favorites: Texture by the yard

Working on my Channel cardigan over the last several weeks has deepened my appreciation for textured fabric created through knits and purls rather than cables or lace stitches. There’s something so meditative and melodious about knitting those stitches and watching the fabric build, which has me craving more of that. And has sent me back to my favorites in search of scarf patterns that not only allow you to just sit there and create texture, stitch by stitch, but are the ultimate showcase for the finished yardage, as it were:

TOP: Binary by Michele Wang features large, alternating blocks of texture

BOTTOM LEFT: Facade by Shellie Anderson is almost certainly not just knits and purls — wrapped stitches, maybe? — but look at that beautiful texture-blocking and how a simple rectangle shows off the fabric

BOTTOM RIGHT: Broken Garter Scarf from Purl Soho employs one of the simplest of sequence knitting combinations to great effect (free pattern)


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13 thoughts on “New Favorites: Texture by the yard

  1. I am in search of a simple tneck or pullover in a simple texture pattern! Yes so meditative and comforting.

  2. Sequence knitting is very cool. I really enjoyed looking through Cecelia Campochiaro’s book. I wish it could be just a bit more affordable, but at any rate I persuaded my library to get a copy.

  3. I finished knitting Facade not to long ago. It was a lot of fun! And the Shibui yarn was dreamy.

  4. I am also deeply enamored with knit/purl texture. I made the Warren Street Cowl by Michelle Wang a few months ago for a gift and it was one of the most enjoyable patterns I have made. Simple enough to memorize, but complex enough to keep it interesting! I think I might just make another…

  5. Luv that broken garter stitch. I saw it earlier on Purl Soho’s site. It has a lot of possibilities for other projects.

  6. Take a wander through the B. Walker Treasuries and you can find lots of these interesting simple knit/purl or knit/slip stitch combos. Clean the edges up with something like a chain selvedge and in a beautiful yarn (preferably handspun, in my opinion) they become a work of art. I’m working on a scarf in acid green mohair in Farrow Rib just now and it couldn’t be easier or more beautiful. Purl Soho has cleverly been teaming such simple stitches with their lovely yarns for some time. Now, if only the exchange rate on the dollar and all the taxes and duties didn’t double the price, I’d mail order some to Canada!

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