New Favorites: from BT Fall/Holiday

New Favorites: from BT Fall/Holiday

When the Brooklyn Tweed Fall ’17 collection came out, I mentioned there were some sweaters that would come up here sooner or later. I was referring to Galloway by Jared Flood and Voe by Gudrun Johnston. What I didn’t imagine is that, in the meantime, they would put out photos of second samples in their holiday lookbook that are even more stunning in wintry shades of greys and blues. I’m now yearning to have Galloway in my closet in this exact color combo. And while Voe would look terrible on me — I can’t do a motif that encircles the shoulders like that — there is now a Voe Hat! (below) It’s fingering, but maybe I have the patience for fingering-scale colorwork at hat proportions! It’s just so gorgeous.

IN OTHER NEWS! We’re having a holiday pop-up here in Nashville this Saturday, in conjunction with our friends at Mason-Dixon Knitting — the first-ever Taylor Yarn Co-op Pop-up! We’ll both have all of our goods (including our new holiday lovelies and theirs), and we’ll also have some special Field Bags at markdown prices: samples, slight seconds and floor models. (Available only at this event, not online.) It’s happening at 100 Taylor Street in Suite A22 from 10-3, at the same time as the Shop Small Makers Fair is happening, so there will be lots to choose from! If you’re in the are Nashville area, please come see us!

New Favorites: from BT Fall/Holiday


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  1. I think that Galloway sweater is so stunning, except for the shape! I know I may be in the minority here, but I wish this were a more traditional cardigan shape. The last thing I need is a garment that billows and adds additional width around my hips and is narrow at the shoulders. I can’t seem to find a photo of the modeled sweater taken squarely from the front with arms hanging down, which makes me even more suspicious. I’m very tempted to follow your lead, Karen, and try my hand at modifying this gorgeous sweater to suit my needs! Thank you for the inspiration.

    • I’m in agreement. Did you see the sweater laying flat with its overlapping fronts on the Revelry page? It gives some idea of the lower construction and how it might fall on the body. The sweater is steeked. It would probably be easy to cut out a lot of the width, and even adjust the length of the v-neck to achieve a more traditional silhouette. Less yarn yardage, too!

      • Yes, I did see the shot of the sweater flat. I do think you’re right about taking out the width on the bottom; I know I would never belt it at the waist, so I would want it to hang straight down without overlap or add a more traditional button band. Or maybe I could simply use the suggested yarns and color scheme for a different pattern. I sometimes feel that Brooklyn Tweed patterns are designed with the primary goal of producing an in-your-face-beautiful knitted object, instead of prioritizing the fit on the body or how an item would actually function as clothing. I think being an ethical maker means that I try to make things that I (or an intended recipient) will actually wear and enjoy, rather than knitting trophies that will sit unworn in a drawer because of some “innovative” shaping or technique than renders the item unwearable or unflattering. Don’t get me wrong, I appreciate BT patterns very much (and I’m currently knitting Bronwyn, which is going well!), but more often than not I find myself rejecting their patterns because I can’t see how the finished object would actually function in my life and wardrobe.

  2. I have the same issue with shoulders but what if you put that second sweater motif at the waist in a darker color? And maybe made it taller/cover more rows? I love those dots, it’s just gorgeous.

  3. Have you seen Bristol Ivy’s new book, Knitting Outside the Box? Her designs are outstanding.

  4. I fell in love with Galloway at first sight and, oh, the steeks! – and I agree that this new colourway is extra good. As for Voe, what about chosing softer, lower-contrast colours, such as those in the hat sample? That way the yoke wouldn’t scream “look at my shoulders!” and would instead proclaim “Look at this amazing stitchwork and isn’t the wearer incredibly talented and chic!”

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