THANK YOU and Elsewhere

THANK YOU and Elsewhere

I’m just back from a week in Florida with innumerable loved ones gathered together for a big family event, where I had even less time and connectivity (and knitting opportunity) than I expected — hence my spotty attendance here. Among the many things I’m thankful for at the moment, one of them is finally being able to leave the house with my waxed camo Field Bag after months and months in hiding! But what I’m seriously most thankful for today (after my lovely family) is all of you and all of the support you’ve given to me, and to this blog and to Fringe Supply Co. When I think about how my life has changed since the day I learned to knit and started to blog about it … the mind reels. And I couldn’t do it without you — so thank you, from the bottom of my heart, for your ongoing support.

Since most of you are in the US and celebrating Thanksgiving today/this weekend, I’m including Elsewhere links here today and will resume normal posting on Monday!

First: Remember my post about Stella Tennant and Nov ’96 Vogue? Well, I now have both the US and UK (sorry, meant to say) Paris editions from that month in my possession, and none of those photos are in either one. There is a feature in the US one in which Stella tromps and rows around the Adirondacks, at one point wearing an ivory Ralph Lauren turtleneck very much like the one in that post, but now I’m dying to know where/when those vaunted photos were from. Some other Vogue edition of that month and year, or something else entirely? We might never know — but if you have any leads, please share them!

3 designers creating clothes for life — not the runway (thx, Claudia) — Maureen Doherty, especially, is my new idol

How to wear a yoke sweater (on the beach!)

– If you’re in a group that knits for a good cause, YarnCanada might be able to help you with some yarn

– I love these Love More mittens and what Leigh had to say about them

These Japanese dioramas blow my mind

– I’m crazy about Jen’s winter sewing plan

– I want a hat that looks exactly like this

– Congrats to Felicia on the launch of Soul Craft Festival

– and Tif has me obsessing over that Markham Collar again

What are your favorite links lately? Feel free to share!

Happy feasting, all — and if you’re in Nashville, I hope we’ll see you at the pop-up on Saturday!



23 thoughts on “THANK YOU and Elsewhere

  1. Karen, we are grateful for you as well. For the creativity and ideas and community you bring to us.
    Have a really good day.

  2. the text on that first photo (from the ’96 stella tennant shoot) is in french. french vogue, perhaps?

    • Ok, here’s the really funny thing about that: I’ve read both of those captions multiple times and it never dawned on me they were in French. That would not have surprised me when I was a student and my thoughts were as much in French as English, but I don’t read French that often these days — you’d think I’d have realized I was doing it!

      • Ok, you guys I feel like I’ve had a stroke or something. Paris Vogue is what I originally said in that post, and what I ordered. I have no idea why I typed UK when writing this last night, or how I got that confused about it after Amelia’s comment! What I have is the US and the French Vogue from that month. Oy, brain!

        But yes, the captions on two of them are in French, so at least those two pages must be from some other month (year?) of Paris Vogue, and I’m left wondering if all of them are from the same editorial or not.

        • As per napagirl.clare below and Dianna, reverse google search shows that photos are by Mikael Jansson. He is still working as a photographer and might be worth contacting –

          I had a similar search for an edition of Tatler that the Tatler office in London and National Library of Australia helped me to identify. It was from 1986 (!) – young socialites in ballgowns and converse high tops. Pivotal moment in my teen fashion awakening.

  3. Re Stella Tennant photo shoot- The F.I.T. library has a Vogue Magazines archive. Maybe they can do a search for you, or for an alum you may know.
    Good luck!

  4. Happy Thanksgiving! Thank YOU for sharing the first link about the three independent designers. I feel like I’m the kind of woman they’re talking about (I’m an art director) and have been dressing like this for some time. I discovered Sophie D’Hore at Nordstrom in the experimental section and have been a huge fan ever since. Thanks for all of the inspiration you continue to share with us!

  5. Thanks for “Jen’s Sewing Plan”. I have fabric, patterns, and the will to sew, but am not making the time to go down to my studio (across my driveway) to sew. As usual, the studio gets really cluttered when I am not working in it so clean-up is in order.

  6. OMG, I’ve just spent the last 15 minutes ogling images of Egg clothing. Such gorgeousness! Happy American Thanksgiving. (I’m embarrassed to admit that I never really knew what to do on Thanksgiving when we lived in DC; it’s actually a relief to be back in Canada where I don’t have to deal with it all.)

  7. so honoured to have a place in your mentions, Karen, thank you for bringing more attention to our project! <3

  8. Regarding Stella, I see a rather inactive Instagram account for her … dunno if its legit, but you could try sending a query via the photo. And if you see a photographer credit or even a hair, makeup or stylist credit, chances are one or more of them have an Insta acct. you could query. That same shot (with the green sweater) is also on Kakoonhandknits, so maybe she knows.

    Happy Thanksgiving to all….may it be a safe and delicious one!

    • I saw the exhibit and took the workshop and listened to the lecture of Reiko Sudo there as part of the exhibit 2 weeks ago! So much fun!

  9. Again and again, thanks to you Karen, for sharing your journey with us, day after day, with kindness and elegance…
    If you want to spend a few minutes (or more) marvelling at some knitted beauties, I’ve just discovered (thanks Pinterest), the Spanish brand Knitbrary. It’s all about texture and cables and colour, it’s gorgeous, and of course none of us can afford it, but we can make it !

  10. Thank you for the Camo field bag! As soon as I saw it, I had to order one (via La bien Aimee), I was waiting for a special print that would speak to me. And this one was screaming loud! Can’t wait to receive it!

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