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If you enjoy Katrina’s interviews for her Slow Fashion Citizen column and want to hear her interviewed, she’s the latest subject on the Crafty Planner podcast., which is what I’ll be listening to this weekend! And beyond that, an eye-candy heavy Elsewhere—

How to darn a sock mini-tutorial (photo, left)

OMG this embroidery and all the rest

– Same goes for Kristine’s travel jacket (more here) (photo, right)

– And Narangkar’s color wheel

Vogue on women who shear sheep

– I was never one to dream about wedding dresses buuuuttt …

These colorwork hats are kind of killing me

– And favorite IG photo this time is a tie between this and this

IN SHOP NEWS: I’m happy to tell you we’ve got the sweet new book by Andrea Mowry, A Sense of Place, in the shop today!





8 thoughts on “Elsewhere

  1. Glad that I’m not the only one obsessed with those hats; I’ve been looking at them on and off since they appeared on Instagram! You can see my own exploration of the importance of colour value in putting together fair isle colours at http://chezlizzie.blogspot.ca/2016/05/colllur.html. It’s easy to get lost for hours in this sort of colour play. So much fun.

    • Left a reply on that blog entry. I like your sweater and have views on the subject of contrast.

  2. I went crazy over the incredible embroidery by Tess Perlow! YIKES!!! Thanks for introducing me to her. OK, I loved the hats and yoke sweaters too!
    Happy Weekend!

  3. As someone who has taken a sheep shearing class–yes, it is seriously hard work. I haven’t run a full marathon, but I’ve run a half, and sheep shearing is definitely tougher. Not to mention the fear of nicking the sheep, for several reasons: hurting the animal, ruining a fleece that has taken a year to grow, and ruining a prize animal for a farmer or causing them to lose money. I only sheared once after the training and it was so physically tough and slightly traumatizing (I nicked a sheep’s tail–the owner thought she was fine but it was still rough for me!) that I don’t do it anymore. It’s definitely made me appreciate the wool I spin and knit with.

    I am also in love with Tessa’s embroidered shirts! Wowza.

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