Loop Stitch update: There’s a pattern!

loop stitch markham collar pattern

In light of the immense and ongoing popularity of the ol’ Loop Stitch post (I swear, that thing is like crack to the citizens of Pinterest) I’ve been meaning to mention this: Somewhere along the line, the designer of that cool Markham Collar — Tara-Lynn Morrison of Good Night, Day — published a pattern booklet that includes a pattern for that very piece. If anyone buys it and tries it, feel free to make one for me!


6 thoughts on “Loop Stitch update: There’s a pattern!

  1. hi, please contact me, i would love to send you the book!
    it’s also a true pleasure to be credited for my work, i always see it on the internet & never credited.
    also, maybe we can do a giveaway on your blog too, if that is something you would be into?!
    sorry i tried to use the email link for privacy, but it wouldn’t work for me.

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