New Favorites: Bobble hats

New Favorites: Bobble hats

It’s raining bobble patterns. I had fun knitting the nupp rows on my Trillium (which I am THIS CLOSE to finishing) and between the last two months of sweater knitting and all the talk around here of smaller projects for the warmer months, I’m eager for hats. So much the better if they’re bobble hats, and this week the universe presented a few options:

Diode by Erica Smith is the restrained entry in the field. Relatively tiny sport-weight bobbles create an overall texture, and I love the doubled brim. York Bobble Toque* by Tara-Lynn Morrison is characteristically chunky but also written for aran weight — above is the chunky version pictured on her way-too-cool daughter. And last but far from least is Anna Maltz’s Archipelago. which I’ve been waiting for ever since she posted it on Instagram and was begged by many to write the pattern. Like everything Anna is involved with, it looks like a ton of fun.


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*pattern sent to me by the designer

Knit the Look: Ondria Hardin’s shearling collar

How to knit a version of Ondria Hardin's amazing shearling collar

There’s something wildly enticing about the ultra-curly shearling lining in this motorcycle jacket photographed on model Ondria Hardin. I’m guessing none of us could afford the jacket, whoever makes it. But it’s simple enough to add a statement collar to any jacket you like. Simply knit yourself Tara-Lynn Morrison’s loop-stitch-o-riffic Markham Collar. To mimic Ondria’s shearling, I’d say knit it in something really dark and lustrous, like Purl Soho’s Super Soft Merino in Black.

See Vanessa’s recommendations for the rest of Ondria’s outfit.


Street style photo © Vanessa Jackman; used with permission

Loop Stitch update: There’s a pattern!

loop stitch markham collar pattern

In light of the immense and ongoing popularity of the ol’ Loop Stitch post (I swear, that thing is like crack to the citizens of Pinterest) I’ve been meaning to mention this: Somewhere along the line, the designer of that cool Markham Collar — Tara-Lynn Morrison of Good Night, Day — published a pattern booklet that includes a pattern for that very piece. If anyone buys it and tries it, feel free to make one for me!