New Favorites: Bobble hats

New Favorites: Bobble hats

It’s raining bobble patterns. I had fun knitting the nupp rows on my Trillium (which I am THIS CLOSE to finishing) and between the last two months of sweater knitting and all the talk around here of smaller projects for the warmer months, I’m eager for hats. So much the better if they’re bobble hats, and this week the universe presented a few options:

Diode by Erica Smith is the restrained entry in the field. Relatively tiny sport-weight bobbles create an overall texture, and I love the doubled brim. York Bobble Toque* by Tara-Lynn Morrison is characteristically chunky but also written for aran weight — above is the chunky version pictured on her way-too-cool daughter. And last but far from least is Anna Maltz’s Archipelago. which I’ve been waiting for ever since she posted it on Instagram and was begged by many to write the pattern. Like everything Anna is involved with, it looks like a ton of fun.


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*pattern sent to me by the designer

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  1. I love knitting hats, but could do with challenging myself a little bit more, and these look great. I love Diode in particular – wonder if there is a way to knit the main hat in one colour and have the bobbles in a contrasting colour? I might have to experiment :)

    • I have not knit bobbles before, let alone contrasting color bobbles, but my mom knit me a pair of red mittens with white bobbles that I adore! I am pretty sure she just switched colors Fair Isle-style when she got to the bobble—worth giving it a try!

  2. I love and hate bobbles at the same time. I made the Pointilist hat ( and it turned out beautiful but there were just so many bobbles! It took me forever to finish this hat. I don’t know if I will ever knit another bobble again after this project. LOL

  3. Thank you for including the Diode in this lovely round up! I’m always a fan of Tara-Lynn’s knits and the Archipelago by Anna Maltz is unbelievable. Anna’s Sólja pattern is gorgeous and I’m so glad to be introduced to her instagram.

  4. thanks for including my pattern!
    & on a personal note, especially thanks karen for including enid in this post, it really uplifted her day & boosted her confidence, thanks so much from a proud mom (it isn’t always easy being a shy girl w/ purple hair).

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