Favorite New Favorites of 2018

Favorite New Favorites of 2018 - best knitting patterns

Of all the years, this is one where I feel most dramatically like WAIT! I haven’t even knitted anything from last year’s Favorite New Favorites yet! I’ve gone back to the patterns on that list over and over this year, and several I’ve continued to go on about during 2018, and yet somehow it’s already time to look back through this year’s and pull out the ones I most fervently want to not lose track of.

It was a really good year in knitting patterns, better than I even realized. To scroll back through the year’s New Favorites (which I recommend!) is to witness a lot of ingenuity and beauty, and yet there are loads of things I saved on Ravelry that haven’t even made it onto the blog. (Yet.) Trying to narrow it to the ones I simply admired the most, I was at risk of putting about 40 or 50 patterns into this post. So I decided to limit myself to just 12 patterns for the year: the ones I’d most like to actually knit and have. Which also means this could function as a queue for the coming year — if only people would stop with the new distractions!


Simply based on how many times I’ve typed the words Carbeth Cardigan this year — and the fact that I did cast one on during my flight to Palm Springs last week — it’s clearly the pattern that bored the deepest hole into my brain this year. And then there are the ones I actually made: Grete and Hozkwoz.

And now the dozen …

Best sweater knitting patterns

top: High Neck Pulloverby Tomoko Noguchi (as seen in Turtleneck season
middle left: Ridgeline Wrap Cardigan by Purl Soho (as seen in Those collars)
middle right: Breakwater Beach Vest by Irina Anikeeva (as seen in Way back to school sweaters)
bottom: Moosonee Sweater by Tara-Lynn Morrison (as seen in Wearable superbulky)

Best wraps knitting patterns

top: Ellsworth by Scott Rohr (as seen in Clever garter colorwork)
bottom left: Two-Point Cowl by Churchmouse (as seen in Two-point cowl)
bottom right: Wallace by Julie Hoover (as seen in Under wraps)

Best fingerless mitts patterns

top: New Year’s Mitts by Veronika Jobe (as seen in Colorwork mitts)
bottom left: Weekend Walking Mitts by Dianna Walla (as seen in Quick Knits: Fingerless mitts)
bottom right: Tredje by Irina Anikeeva (as seen in Textured mitts)

Best hat knitting patterns

top: Tamitik by Shannon Cook (as seen in Quick Knits: Hats)
bottom: Adam by Rachel Atkinson (as seen in Quick Knits: Hats)

What were your favorite patterns this year — the ones you don’t want to let get away from you—


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10 thoughts on “Favorite New Favorites of 2018

  1. Joji Locatelli’s 2015 pattern True is the same shape/silhouette as the Ridgeline, but uses DK yarn (and less of it because her cardigan’s back is stockinette). Makes more sense for my climate’s mild winters–you could get the same drape for it as the Ridgeline by doubling Linen Quill.

  2. Great patterns. Do you think the Highneck pullover is one of those projects that except for the sleeves, doesn’t require a lot of focus? You know, one of those projects you can make while talking to holiday guests? Merry Christmas. Thanks for providing us with this wonderful blog.

  3. Merry Christmas Karen and Fringe. I’m grateful for the endless inspiration you provide on being a responsible, elegant and fashionable clothes-wearing citizen.

  4. I love these posts of collected favorites, but I’m also kinda happy when there are a few that don’t grab me – less hole boring in my brain, eh? I do have a toffee OUR yarn Carbeth pullover drying and yarn waiting to become New Year’s Mitts. Merry Merry and much thanks for all the care, thought and creativity you so generously share in this blog.

  5. On Track, Freestyle Super, and Stripe Freestyle are the clear favourites in my household…but I am knitting a black Carbeth Cardigan for myself at present. Black is tough this time of year, hard to see, but the kids are racing by in their sweaters with great happiness, so those kid sweaters worked in my house!

  6. Carbeth cardi and cowl and both awaiting final decisions on yarn selection from my stash…

  7. Pretty much dying that Ellsworth is on your list; it’s thrilling to know you like it. Happy new year of knitting to you!

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