New Favorites: Way back to school sweaters

New Favorites: Way back to school sweaters

It’s in the nearly-Fall air anyway, I know, but there have been some sweater patterns hitting Ravelry lately that are highly reminiscent of my school days and are giving me that back-to-school feeling in an extra big way—

TOP: Breakwater Beach Vest by Irina Anikeeva would have had me pleading with my mother to buy it for me then, and has me twitching to cast on now

MIDDLE: Varma (Unicolor) and Varma (Three Colors) by Sari Nordlund — do I have to choose?

BOTTOM: ボーダーセーター from Daruma is Japanese, alas, but so perfectly 1980s meets French navy sweater (and I love the allover aqua/white stripe version as well)


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7 thoughts on “New Favorites: Way back to school sweaters

  1. Sari Nordland’s sweater caught my eye as well – both versions. Nice Japanese take on the Breton style sweater also. Love the vest with an old-fashioned “jewel” neckline rather than turtle neck. Still have a couple of late 80s Nordstrom wool vests – black and pink – in k/p stitch patterns from the section they used to have for professional women. Still have also some of the lovely red wood hangers I got with clothes bought there.

  2. I like Breakwater and the back dropped hem. Would probably switch neck to crew just for comfort reasons.

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