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Don’t adjust your dial, it’s not Friday yet, just Wednesday! (Remember when I used to do Elsewhere on Wednesdays? Hump-day distractions ftw.) Since Sept 1 is on Saturday, I’m actually kicking off the Marlisle Knitalong here on Friday, so I’m doing a little mid-week Elsewhere today!

LAST REMINDER: Summer of Basics ends Friday, so if you want to be considered for the Grand Prize(s), get your final post into the #sobf18finisher feed ASAP! Details on entering to win are here

– Admirable Kickstarter aimed at increasing awareness and income for Peruvian alpaca farmers (photo above left)

– “… monetizing a hobby changes our relationship with it, shifting it from play to a job. And our society undervalues play, even though it’s an important component of health. …” (photo above right)

– I don’t know why histories of colors and pigments are so fascinating, but they are! (thx, DG)

– I think I could live happily all summmer if all I owned was what Martha McQuade packed for Portugal

– (Speaking of: Do hand-drawn packing lists make anyone else think of “Sara Midda’s South of France”? Just me?)

– Current style muse: @ebonyh



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    • I’d second that – it’s the best book I’ve read yet about an art-related subject. It’s been lent to parents, friends (and their friends) and they all loved it.

  1. There is a delicious irony in your list, where the hand-drawn packing list seems to echo Jen Hewett’s statement: the author is seriously contemplating the selling of her designs while Jen makes a good point for keeping things ‘not monetized’, mainly what we do for fun. Interesting collage!

  2. I’ve been following @ebonyh for a while. She is a seriously talented maker with oodles of style. Love her Instagram feed!

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