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Fall Events: Marlisle Knitalong + Slow Fashion October

I know, it’s barely even August and we’re still in the thick of #summerofbasics, but in my world it’s November already (I’m up to my eyeballs in Fringe Supply Co. holiday plans!) and Fall is not only in between there, it’s right around the corner. Official knitting season! So I wanted to take a minute to talk about the big blog events of the coming months, so you can get excited AND get planning—

—Fringe and Friends Knitalong—
The first few FAFKALs were each held in September, but I postponed the most recent one (the Logalong) to January instead. While I liked being able to concentrate on it with the holidays behind us — and feel like you did, too? — I missed having a knitalong going in September. So this time around, I’m doing both! The big FAFKAL will be in January again, and I’ll announce the specifics on that in the next couple of months — it’s such a good one!! — so you’ll have plenty of time to swatch during the holidays. But in the meantime …

—Marlisle Knitalong—
For September, I’m thinking something less sprawling, quicker and still tons of fun. Since trying my hand at Anna Maltz’s brilliant “marlisle” technique is high on my list for this year, and I want to do a smaller project as groundwork for my pullover idea, I think a marlisle knitalong sounds like just the thing! So between Sept 1 and 30, that’s what I’m hosting. The challenge is simple: Just knit any of Anna’s marlisle patterns or invent one of your own using her technique. There will be prizes and further details, which I’ll post at kickoff, but meanwhile, pick your pattern!

The bulk of the patterns can be found in her book on the subject, Marlisle: A New Direction in Knitting, and there are several small-scale options very easily doable within the space of September, from fingerless mitts and mittens to hats, scarves and shawls — you can see all 11 of the book patterns here. There are also sweaters in the book, which you’re of course welcome to tackle, and another one available through Ravelry, called Humboldt.

The intro in the book is a great read, as is this interview with Anna on the East London Knit Podcast, so I highly recommend starting there, where you can see her holding up the samples and everything.

Again, I’ll post the nitty gritty about prizes and categories and quals at kickoff, but feel free to start using the hashtag #fringemarlislekal to share your plans at any time! Sept 1 will be here in no time.

—Slow Fashion October—
Following the Marlisle fun, we’ll dive right into our fourth annual Slow Fashion October. I’ve got some special plans and people and a little bit of a format shift in the works for this go-round, and I think it’s going to be amazing. So I’ll tell you more about that as time approaches, as well, but for now know that #slowfashionoctober is coming back around!

Are you excited?


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34 thoughts on “The fall/winter on Fringe Association

  1. Intrigued a few years ago by a person (Anna Malz) who would write a knitting book titled Penguin: A Knit Collection. Have admired the Humboldt sweater in the book ever since especially this version where the knitter made her penguin a sweater too: The ELK podcast on YouTube is a nice one – good interviews and pleasant company.

  2. Very excited! I got the yarn for an Ess Shawl when Marlisle was published, but I haven’t cast on … I will in September.

    • I’m super into that one! I feel like I can completely imagine what it feels and flows like, and seems like it would be fun to knit, with the fringe and all.

  3. SO excited! I’ve had the Marisle book but haven’t really delved into it yet so this is perfect! And I always love slow fashion October. God, it’s so hot today, I really can’t wait for fall!

  4. There’s a lovely interview with Anna on the Making podcast, too! Love hearing her talk about her process and inspiration. Can’t wait for this fall!

  5. I love the idea of a Marlisle KAL, I’ve been wanting to make the Ess shawl and this is a great reason to start… now to finish some things before September…

  6. I may be done with shawls. I made the Hipster Shawl using Malabrigo Rastita. Loved the Mostaza color! I did my usual blocking , toweling and then tossed it into dryer for 10 minutes on air day. It felted! That has never happened. All my Indian Cross stitches were felted together. I need to dry my tears and start something new like Marlisle.

  7. Welp, my improv knitted tee for SoB fits into the Marlisle category, but I really want to finish the tee for SoB so I can wear it as soon as is humanly possible.

    Maybe after improving my sock knitting I could take a stab at Marlisle socks? Hmmm…

    I’ve actually been thinking about slow fashion October for awhile. This time, I want to focus on recycling/refashioning existing garments.

  8. YES! Thank you for drawing attention to Anna’s playful and ingenious work. Definitely on board. It’s my son’s turn for a sweater and I will be doing a zigzag yoke based on Shantay. And it will be orange, because orange is the new pink in my little guy’s cosmos.

  9. Would Zazie, from Pom Pom Quarterly 21 also count? I’ve had that in my queue for ages as a way to try this out.

  10. Fantastic idea! I have the book and have been dying to cast on Ess. Just need to decide on the yarn

  11. Happy to hear Zazie would count, as I love that cowl. Plus, my plan is to duplicate that fabulous orange sweatshirt top styled with Zazie. Also, I have a new sewing/cutting table, light, and chair an have big sewing plans for Fall. So, SFO will be perfect! This post made my day—thanks,

  12. Thank you for this! I’ve been dying to cast on a marlisle project, but just haven’t made the time to put a plan together. Now I’ve got a great excuse. :)

  13. Perfect timing. I love the book and am planning to make a Marlisle item (or two) in the Autumn. Will also give me a gentle push to finish ongoing projects for September 🍁

  14. i absolutely cannot wait for marlisle! i used to do all the hat KALs but fell off the wagon–the Ess shawl is just a dream and I’ve been yearning to learn some new techniques, so perfect all around!

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  17. Yes! New to knitting but look forward to getting my paws on some alpaca and loving the shawl. Also Slow October Fashion is a must.

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