Enter to win the Summer of Basics grand prize!

Enter to win the Summer of Basics grand prize!

Somehow we’re nearing the end of August and thus the end of Summer of Basics! It’s already clear that choosing winners is going to be one of the hardest things I’ve done here — there is just so much brilliance and triumph going on in the #summerofbasics feed! (Totally random snapshot above, not indicative of anything else.) So help an old girl out —


  • When you finish your 3 pieces, please do one single, comprehensive Instagram post* showing all 3 and talking about how it went, from plan to completion, using the following tags. That will enter you for a chance at the grand prize round.
  • Include in the caption: #sob18finisher #summerofbasics @karentempler


  • From the finishers feed, I’ll pick 5 WINNERS who I think have made the most of the challenge, and who will each win a $100 gift certificate** to Fringe Supply Co.
  • I’ll also pick five entries at random, and those five will each receive a $25 gift certificate.**

. . .

Here are some suggestions for ways to include your finishes in a single Instagram post:

1.) Take one photo that includes all three finished garments — they could be on hangers or a clothesline or in a “flat lay” on the bed or floor, whatever works.

2.) If they are able to be worn together in a visible way, take one pic of yourself wearing them all!

3.) Take multiple photos and use the multi-image function to include them all in a single post. It’s great to show fronts and backs, on/off, recap progress and planning, etc. — make it tell the whole story!

Good luck!! And in the meantime, if you have a personal favorite or frontrunner, tell me below!


*Remember you must be posting from a public account for your posts to appear in the feed. If you’ve already done a single post in which all 3 finished pieces appear, feel free to simply add the above tags.

**Shipping fees will apply. Non-US winners will be responsible for any duties or taxes on their shipments. Packages cannot be marked as gifts. No substitutions, and prizes cannot be redeemed for cash value.

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  2. My personal favorite so far without question has definitely been Sienna of @notaprimarycolor and her ENTIRE series of makes this summer. Each piece has just been an absolute dream!

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