Queue Check — August 2018

Queue Check — August 2018

Y’all, I have been doin’ some KNITTIN’. The past two weeks, I’ve had quite a few nights in a row where I actually got some knitting time before bed, during which I sailed through the sleeves on this aran-gansey mashup of mine and then returned the body stitches to the needles. I knitted on it both Friday and Saturday night, and then had all of Sunday afternoon off. So I curled up on my couch with a candle lit next to me, this sweater in my lap, and The Guernsey movie (whose title I can’t bear) playing for the second time, pretending that the slightly gloomy day outside was actually chilly rather than swampy. And I knitted and knitted and knitted. About 8:45, I found out Pose was expiring from On Demand that very night and I had four episodes to go! So I stayed up past my bedtime, binge watching and knitting — around and around and around. And as it turns out, I will almost certainly be done with the knitting before Summer of Basics comes to a close, although whether it will be blocked and seamed by then remains to be seen. Regardless, the next time you see this one, it will be on me. And there will be a grin on my face.

(Speaking of Summer of Basics, you’ve seen how to enter for the Grand Prize(s), right? Don’t miss that!)

The next thing I cast on will be my  project for the upcoming Marlisle Knitalong, and since it will be small — and in theory the “swatch” for a next sweater — I’m not rushing to get another sweater on the needles right now. Instead, I’m going to concentrate on the assorted tidbits of to-do’s that came up during my great sweater inventory of twenty eighteen.

And then, with all of those inventory learnings and assessments in mind, I’m going to take stock of the sweater quantities that live in my stash and make some hopefully wise decisions about how best to make use of them. Which means there’s a very forward-thinking Queue Check a’brewing …

(Lykke needles, stitch markers and leather stitch marker pouch from Fringe Supply Co.)


Speaking of the Marlisle Knitalong: It kicks off this Friday! Are you ready? There are some people already popping up on #fringemarlislekal, and you can get the full scoop on the kal here. Anna is also teaching at several locations in Europe and the US over the next month or so — I’m SO bummed I can’t get to Fancy Tiger to take her classes there! — so check this list to see if you might have a chance to learn from her.


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16 thoughts on “Queue Check — August 2018

  1. Love this sweater! My taste is similar to yours – neutral colors and simple designs and am often drawn to men’s and children’s styles for that reason. Have also had a strange craving for orange reds of late and just ordered a tiny orange purse. Figured it would be hard to lose :)

  2. PS Will you be sharing your pattern? I read your posts slavishly but my memory isn’t always great so maybe you already did?

  3. You have gotten a lot done on this sweater, in a short time. It’s going to be a big winner for you.

  4. Beautiful! There’s nothing like serious movie/TV/series binge watching to make a serious dent in a project. You are proving it again!

    • That’s really cute. And you just made me realize it’s funny that I was knitting my gansey watching Guernsey. Somehow that didn’t even occur to me! (Obviously there are no ganseys in the movie or it would have.)

  5. …this is great! I too watched ‘The Guernsey Literary and P.P.P.S.’for the 2nd time on Sunday…no knitting, however,as it’s about 120• in the shade in S.Florida nowadays…

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