Queue Check — July 2018

Queue Check — July 2018

Last week I took the yoke of my Summer of Basics sweater off the needles and put it through the wash before I went any further, since I was still a little bit on the fence about it and wanted to see if the washed fabric would win me over. One of the many joys of this yarn, O-Wool Balance — and why I knit with it so often — is that it’s not superwash (it’s an organic wool-cotton blend) but is machine washable, and I like the fabric better when it’s machine-washed and slightly machine-dried than I do when it’s just soaked and air-dried. It fluffs and softens and melds really beautifully. I definitely liked the yoke better post-wash, but it took adding the folded neckband to really get me excited about having and wearing this sweater. I’m not totally in love with my raglan placement, but I’m hoping it won’t bother me any by the time I separate the body and sleeves. So, y’know, onward! But as slow as this is going, I’m starting to question whether I’ll be done with it by end of August.

[UPDATE: I put a video tutorial for this neckband technique in the @fringesupplyco profile at Instagram.]

Meanwhile, I finally started the cutting for my other two SoB projects. To recap: Those are supposed to be some sort of eyelet-y version of the Tessuti Alice top plus a set of Carolyn Pajamas. That’s technically four things, if I make both the top and bottoms of the pj’s, and my thinking has been that I’d concentrate on the top, and if I got to the bottoms they’d be a bonus. At this point, I’m starting with the bottoms, since a little pair of pj shorts like that for when I’m at home is one of my biggest wants right now — and I’m counting them! They’re all cut and ready for the sewing part, which I should be able to finish before July is out, which leaves all of August to see what else I can finish.

Even if you’re not actively participating in SoB, I encourage you to follow along with the #summerofbasics feed. So much great stuff happening. And if you are participating, make sure to post a progress update! I’ll be choosing July winners in just over a week.

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14 thoughts on “Queue Check — July 2018

  1. So you’re one of the reasons I scooped up some O Wool Balance at Maryland Sheep and Wool this spring. Maryland is one of those areas where we do get cold but sometimes I need a sweater to not be 100% wool to get more wear out of it. I’m excited to work with it! When you washed your work in progress, how did you handle it with the live stitches? Did you put it in a laundry bag?

  2. Oy, I haven’t posted progress pics in a few days. I need to get on that!

    And Balance, btw, I’m thinking of using for another Skógafjall. Grey and pink, maybe.

  3. You really got me into the folded ribbed neckband to the extent that I now plan that kind of ribbing for edgings more and more. It is so much more finished and softer than the usual flat ribbing. Thank you.

  4. Oh Karen! If you don’t like the slope of the raglan placements now, you’re never going to like it! TINK for joy before it gets out of hand. Go for perfection so that you’ll be perfectly happy with your soon to be wonderful sweater.

  5. I’m currently in the middle of two improvised top-down raglan yokes and so am really curious about your raglan placement comment. What are you anticipating not liking and what would you do differently at the start, if you were to redo this project?

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