Queue Check — June 2018

Queue Check — June 2018

I’m back from Portugal with SO much to tell you — and about 2700 photos to sort through. But this morning I can at least tell you about the state of my knitting from the trip! For the first few days, I was still finishing up a secret project, but then I finally got to do the math and get started on my Summer of Basics sweater. This project was cast on in the back of a van on a particularly twisty drive in the Porto region (one epic excursion among many) but caught a foothold on our one and only sit-still day, mid-trip, at a super chic mountaintop hotel called Casa das Penhas Douradas. While four of us went for a long hike that day, the other five made ourselves at home in one of the common rooms, which had half walls of sliding glass so the whole room opened up to the mountain breeze, and I know I’ll remember that day and that room every time I ever wear this.

That is, if it works out — I’m not yet 100% sure about it. To recap: I’m making an aran-gansey mashup, heavily inspired by the traditional Staithes gansey from the whole Daniel Day-Lewis hullabaloo, and its “seeds and bars” patterning. But figuring out the best version of that for an ivory, worsted-gauge, raglan situation isn’t as simple as it might seem. I’ve swatched it a few different ways — different “seeds” and different “bars” — and this yoke is sort of a bigger swatch, which may or may not be the winner. I won’t know for sure until I knit a couple more inches (at least to the next bar), add a neckband, and see how it looks after a wash. But it’s pretty promising, and it’s been perfect company while traveling.

Rosa mentioned while we were knitting that day that Portugal also has a gansey tradition, so you know I’ll be digging into that. And now that my whirlwind June is drawing to a close, I’m eager to start on my other two SoB garments.

Improv sweater in O-Wool Balance yarn in Natural
Jen Hewett x Fringe Field Bag from Fringe Supply Co. (available tomorrow morning!)


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  1. When you wash your sweater, while it is still being created, do you take it off the needles and put it on a life line of do you just get you needle cord wet too?

  2. that one day of knitting in that sunny place sounds like a slice of heaven! Can’t wait to hear more about your trip!

  3. I read your posts every day and enjoy them, as well as learning so much.

    My husband and I are going to Portugal this fall and I look forward to what your experience was like and your photos.

    Thanks again for all you do. Laurie Fox

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  4. When I was a kid, my mom passed away and my dad took a portion of the life insurance money and took my sister and me to Spain, Morrocco and Portugal. This was over 20 years ago, back when the currency was the escudo. Every so often, I still have dreams of the incredible fairytale forests. I’ve said this in this space before, but your Elsewhere post on Rosa pushed me over the edge into learning to knit. It was her Kurdish-ish wrist-warmer design that did it. I am really excited to read about your adventures and to see all your photos!

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