The new Jen Hewett x Fringe Field Bag is here!

The new Jen Hewett x Fringe Field Bag is here!

Today’s the day! The fifth Jen Hewett x Fringe Field Bag is finally here — and this one is sticking around!

As you likely know: Since 2016, we’ve done 4 special-edition Field Bags with printmaker Jen Hewett, which were limited in number due to the fact that Jen was handprinting each one herself — so they sold out within minutes, leaving a lot of very happy people and also some disappointed ones. We love the Jen bags as much as you do and feel the pain of those limited releases, so we found a local printer to do the printing — which means this one is here to stay! It’s the most stunning one yet, and you can get it today at Fringe Supply Co. and through our Field Bag stockists. (And if it sells out this weekend, it will be back!)

We’re calling this new print Hank on account of it looks like skeins of yarn, or the crimp in wool fibers, or any number of other fibery things. In off-black ink on natural canvas (with our standard natural leather handle that darkens with use), it looks amazing with everything, from my beloved waxed camo Field Bag to Jen’s lively stripes-and-prints ensemble, above. For more details and to snag yours, head on over to Fringe Supply Co. And we also have the newest MDK Field Guide, Ease in stock.

Happy weekend to you — I’ll see you back here next week, rested and ready to spill!

Jen Hewett x Fringe Field Bag — now available!

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  1. So lovely I’ve just purchased mine from Skein Yarns in Sydney. Australia and I am doing a happy dance. Thank you for the gorgeous design.

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