New Favorites: Clever garter colorwork

New Favorites: Clever garter-stitch colorwork knitting patterns

I’ve basically been asleep for four straight days (even when my eyes are open), since getting back from Portugal — I can’t get enough shut-eye or enough water, for some reason. Which means I don’t yet have my arms around the first round of Summer of Basics prize selections or how to even begin to tell you about the trip. But this is a rare summer in which, so far, the flow of droolworthy knitting patterns is uninterrupted. So can we talk about these clever garter-stitch beauties for a minute?

TOP: Picket Fence Afghan by Julia Farwell-Clay (from the new MDK Field Guide: Ease) is made up of 3-color garter-stitch blocks which somehow magically eliminate the weaving of ends and create a magnificent tapestry, which I think would be great at wrap proportions

BOTTOM: Ellsworth by Scott Rohr takes garter stitch, two colors of yarn, and short rows to a new level of magnificence

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11 thoughts on “New Favorites: Clever garter colorwork

  1. I’m a little obsessed with Postcards from California by Heidi Kirrmaier. Garter stitch and colorwork in a huge wrap. Perfect for summer knitting.

  2. I just saw that one the other day and am blown away by its construction. It’s a gorgeous wrap!

  3. The striped shawl in “Ease” also looks to be garter stitch, or at least in part, and is beautiful in its simplicity.

  4. I was sold at “eliminate the weaving of ends”. And strongly hope this becomes a growing tendency in the world of knitting designs for colorwork and stripes designs. Take care of your jet lag, it will be over soon.

  5. Not too long ago (when the Ellsworth shawl must have been fully in the works) I posted the Ellsworth Kelly painting that inspired it, on my Instagram. And Kay Gardiner from Mason Dixon commented that it would be great inspiration for knitting. Kudos Kay! You were right! 👌

    • I just googled it — wasn’t familiar with that particular piece, but it’s easy to see how a knitter would look at it and see its blanket or wrap potential!

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