Summer of Basics: Snapshot, thoughts and the prize plan

Summer of Basics: Prize news!

I hope this is at least partially remedied by now, but I have been LATE getting started on Summer of Basics! By which I mean both casting on my first project and catching up with all the action on the #summerofbasics feed. There have already been almost 300 posts! (Totally random snapshot thereof above, which is not meant to imply or convey anything other than that.) My crazy schedule has kept me from it, but I’m dying to get into the thick of it all. The yarn for my sweater arrived just before I left for Portugal, and I still had secret obligation knitting to do on the plane, but my goal is to have a significant part of my yoke, at least, done by the end of this trip.

Meanwhile, I’m sure you’re all wondering about the prize plan! As you know, I love to feature work in progress here on the blog during the course of every knitalong/makealong, so that’s how I’m structuring the prize situation this time around:

– At the end of June, I’ll be picking one or more participants to feature here based on their PLANNING and documentation — i.e., how well you’ve told the story, in words and in pictures, of what garments making, how you chose them, whether you’re challenging yourself and in what ways, etc. So share your stories over on Instagram* using the #summerofbasics hashtag.

– At the end of July, I’ll pick who to feature based on PROGRESS made, and how well you’ve shown it.

– At the end of August, I’ll pick based on FINISHES and documentation thereof.

With each set of prizes, I’ll also be picking a few additional random winners from a blindfolded scroll-and-tap.

The actual prizes will be revealed on July 1 along with the first batch of winners!

*Remember that in order for your posts to appear in the feed, they must be posted from a public account. If you have a private account (or are not on IG at all!) and want to participate, create a separate public account for this purpose.


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  1. Oh well, I still have to finish my Log Cabin blanket, just received the yarn today. So wishing lots of fun to all who participate, I will cheer from the sidelines.

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