New Favorites: Yoke fever

New Favorites: Yoke fever

Summertime, and the killer winter yoke sweater patterns are coming at us! Before I’ve even had a chance to obsess about possible colors for knitting Caitlin Hunter’s adorable Tecumseh from the spring, I’m already drooling over these gems:

ABOVE, TOP: Wool & Honey by Andrea Mowry puts whole ‘nother spin on yoke decoration

ABOVE, BOTTOM: Encompass by Carrie Bostick Hoge shows how effective simple can be (And you could tweak a Laurus Hat to match!)

BELOW: Umpqua Sweater by Caitlin Hunter is the bold one of the mix, with “cutout” motifs in wide bands of color

New Favorites: Yoke fever

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6 thoughts on “New Favorites: Yoke fever

  1. I love the simple look of Encompass. I’d like to recommend Birch which you featured in February. I am on my second as first one was addictive and flew by. I am using a different color for each band.

  2. I love Wool and Honey but hate knitting fingering weight sweaters but this one and Sunset Highway might convince me otherwise.

    • If you have a pattern or two for yoke sweaters in worsted weight, you could try to adapt them to use this yoke. That’s likely what I would do. I remember Isabel Kraemer saying her sweaters knit up quickly because she is tiny…unfortunately that doesn’t quick work for many of us. :)

      • You know that’s something I haven’t tried yet but have been tempted to do. The pattern is just so lovely I’d like to at least do it in a dk weight to make it more manageable.

  3. I’m sold on the Umpqua – just purchased the pattern & will add to my queue. I’ve got a sweater quantity of handspun in various colors that would be perfect for this sweater. Mostly cormo & Jacob – off-white, moorit, and dark brown.

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