New Favorites x Idea Log: Carbeth coat

New Favorites x Idea Log: Carbeth coat

When Kate Davies published her Carbeth Cardigan pattern back in February (photos above), it went immediately into my Ravelry favorites, and I’ve daydreamed about it often and watched all sorts of lovely examples pile up in the ensuing months. I’m especially tempted by ilo’s, Garnomera’s, VeryShannon’s and this incredibly creative mod by @suninthesixth. Like the latter, I keep thinking I want it in coat proportions — with even deeper armholes and wider sleeves, along with the longer body and, of course, some pockets. But it was just yesterday,* as I was pondering possibilities for it (in terms of both shape and stash), that it dawned on me how much it might satisfy the cocoon sweater-coat Idea Log I posted last November (sketch above). I even have a couple of good yarn options in my stash for it.

*The day we were talking about how it’s too hot to get dressed! And here I was fantasizing about sweater coats.


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18 thoughts on “New Favorites x Idea Log: Carbeth coat

  1. I think we all might be fantasizing about they day we can wear a coat! Carbeth cardi is one of my favorites too.

  2. Love the Carbeth pullover; less in love with the cardiganized version– it’s the way the cardigan breaks up the decrease line. I think you might easily design a cocoon for yourself from scratch from a slightly chunkier, softer, drapier yarn. As for coats, Audrey’s Coat ( is serving my coat needs and desires for now. I wear it outdoors in spring and fall, and indoors in winter.

    • I’m the opposite! The raglan line troubles me on front of the pullover, and I love what happens with it split in half, while being retained in the rear.

  3. What a coincidence! Few knitters made the Carbeth in bay yak chunky and we were looking at the pattern just a couple of days ago. I said I love the design if only would be longer. Your cocoon idea is fantastic, so I hope it will happen. If you ever need some baby yak to swatch, happy to send some your way!

    • Hi, Paola — thank you. I suspect a yak sweater-coat would be too warm for Nashville, but I hope to find a good smaller project for it one of these days!

  4. I am using Purl Soho’s Good Wool held double. I am not planning to make any mods, but I am really struggling with whether or not to lengthen the body. The length looks perfect on Kate Davies, but I am nearly 8″ in (the specified length to knit before moving to the arms), but I am so worried its going to be too short. Many, many people on Rav have lengthened anywhere from 10cm to several inches. I messaged someone who knit the specified length and she said she’s happy with it, I might do 1″ extra.

  5. I made the Carbeth pullover from Cascade Eco. It was the right gauge. I used ecru and dyed it orange. It dyed really well. I do like the idea of the cardigan and button possibilities.

  6. I was NOT going to buy any more yarn until I finished the WIPs I have going this summer, but after looking this up I bought the pattern and then found some yarn on a MAJOR sale and so there it is. The project I am working on now is St. Brigid by Alice Starmore, very cable-esque, and the next one I have yarn for (but haven’t cast on) is Vidje for Woolfolk, another cable heavy sweater. After reading the comments about how quick this knit up I think it will be next in my sweater queue. I think I need a quick knit in between these more complicated ones!

  7. Some years summer doesn’t go away here in Texas. 2015 was one of those. No fall and half of winter was gone. Thanksgiving it was in the 90’s. First part of December it never got lower than 80. February got in the 70s and March actually got into 50s. So I understand thinking that cool wasn’t coming. Right now we are at 104 and tomorrow is to be 110. I hate summer here. I saw the carbeth done differently and thought I might try that. Don’t know when I can wear it but it will look good in my drawer of winter clothes. Linda

  8. I like the cardi pattern more than the pullover version. Have some mustard yellow yarn in my stash that would be spot on I think. Quick satisfying knit, yay!

  9. I’ve made 2 Carbeth Cardigans and I made them both with Periwinkle Sheep Intent yarn, it’s a lovely aran weight that’s perfect for this pattern. I was also thinking about making a longer version too (and I made both my cardigans with less collar ribbing). And pockets would be an absolute must.

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