Idea Log: Cocoon cardigan

Idea Log: Cocoon cardigan

In addition to everything I talked about yesterday, there’s one more idea rolling around in my head that won’t let go. I have this wool coat I got at Elizabeth Suzann’s sample sale a couple years ago (no longer available; you can see it on me here), and it’s one of my favorite things I’ve ever owned. It just slides right on over everything, with its cocoon shape and dolman sleeves. So cozy and easy, and makes you look fabulous no matter what you throw it over. I actually wore it all summer at Fringe HQ (before we got control of our climate, finally!) and I find myself wanting a sweater version to snuggle up in through the winter. I even already have a swatch! What I’m envisioning is sort of in between the ES coat and something like Cirilia Rose’s Gezell Coat — less long and maybe slightly less voluminous than my coat, but with the stand-up collar and dolman sleeves. And pockets. But of course I still also want the sweater that swatch was originally envisioned as. Actually, I want about four sweaters with that yarn, but I think this idea might ultimately be the winner.

I haven’t searched for patterns, but it wouldn’t be hard to make up. If you happen to know of a similar pattern, though, let me know!

(Fashionary sketch templates from Fringe Supply Co.)


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  1. That old coat of yours is so perfect for indoor/outdoor wear. I can see how Cocoon appeals. The coat I’m wearing more or less continuously right now is my own Audrey’s Coat, but being made of Lopi, it’s not something you would want to wear next to your skin. Plus, it’s probably too warm for your climate (but perfect for mine). Curiously, as a designer, I’ve noticed that it’s very difficult to convince knitters to make oversized garments in a large enough size. I recently took two sizes of Audrey’s Coat to a retreat to demonstrate the difference size can make in how a garment hangs, and it was an eye opener for a lot of knitters reluctant to make something many inches larger than their bust size.

  2. Love this. I agree, I don’t think that it would be too hard to come up with this, especially since you already have something to “work off of”. And just think of all that coziness the knit Cardigan will give you! Good luck and I can’t wait to see what you come up with!

  3. Right now, Cranberry Gose is in my Ravelry Fsvorites (I don’t know how to get it over here, but its easy to find). It is a pullover, but it would be a simple matter to divide the fronts.

  4. Perhaps you can lay the coat out, measure it, tweak it, add or subtract, swatch and knit!!

    • That’s what I was thinking . . . seems there was a Vogue Knitting article long ago that discussed converting sewing patterns to knitted ones.

  5. Have you seen the Veronika Cardigan by Very Shannon on Ravelry? There’s a knit-up sample to try on at Haus of Yarn there in Nashville (or there was very recently), and it looks amazing on quite a variety of body types.

  6. Interweave Knits, Winter 2017 has a textured ruana that you might like. It’s not the blanket-poncho thing I’ve seen in the past, but has dolman sleeves and overlapping fronts with 10+ inches of ease.

  7. I often wonder if it would be good to design a garment and sew a muslin in ponte, or some other knit fabric, then design a knit pattern from it. This might be done with your coat. OR, you might find a good sewing pattern to start with. Someday, I might really try this. But only when I get caught up a bit better with all of the stuff in my queue.

    • I was going to suggest the same pattern. I’ve had that one in my favorites for a while. Also that yarn color is gorgeous, it’s a perfect warm neutral.

    • That colour is virtually identical to the colour I achieved with my tea dyeing experiment a couple of years ago (in the tutorial section of my blog). I used good ol’ Red Rose. How odd to be corresponding with you here!

  8. Coincidentally a big cocoon of a cardigan has been on my list for a bit! Voilà, may these be useful:

    Here’s Moss, a pure garter dream from Kim Hargreaves:

    Augusta might also fit the bill:

    No stand-up collar—and I’m not sure what you’d call this shape!—but I’m going to be making up Norah Gaughan’s Ginsberg soon:

    I made an Abrams Bridge recently, which has the loveliest cables:
    (note that with a softer wool—I used Cumbria—the shawl collar won’t stand up)

  9. Julie Hoover’s new Olson pattern for Purl Soho might work if you were able to adapt the collar…

  10. That is a NICE silhouette! Just added Gezell and Ki Mono both to my Ravelry queue, so I don’t forget about them. Also, Julie Hoover’s Chaleur could be modified from pullover to cardigan and end up with a similar look. It’s got the stand-up collar and a lush overall texture.

  11. I have this idea to create a knit version of Papercut Patterns’ Sapporo Coat using cobertor yarn from Retrosaria. I’d try to knit the pattern pieces and seam them together. Or, where there isn’t too much crazy structural stuff going on, I might knit two or more pieces as one, three dimensional, pattern piece. I actually went and bought the yarn, but not sure if I’ll actually attempt this one or not!

  12. I’m working on the Brooklyn Tweed Ronan, it’s a bit different as it has a shall collar. I do love the cocoon shape in any form. I’m not a very fast knitter so we’ll see if I finish it up before the end of the season!

  13. VERONIKA textured shawl collar cocoon cardigan by Very Shannon
    Three sizes, comfortable and flattering on everyone I have seen it on and a perfect evening knitting project.

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