Quick Knits: Fingerless mitts

Quick Knits: Fingerless mitts (gift knitting ideas and free patterns)

Next up in this week’s short series of quick gift-worthy knits: fingerless mittts! My favorite snack-sized knitting. Mitts are beloved by all (or at least most!), although they can be a little more knitting than yesterday’s hats, due to there being two of them and all. But if you have a little more time—

TOP: Giving Mitts by Jenny Sauselein — look it’s right there in the name! I absolutely love these striped unisex cuties [UPDATE! And I somehow failed to notice they’re written for Lettlopi, so if you’ve got assorted balls for Solbein/Steekalong swatching, this is the perfect use for them!)

SECOND, LEFT+RIGHT: Log Cabin Mitts by yours truly — but really, what could be more perfect? They’re addictively fun to knit, the perfect use for leftovers or mix-and-match skeins, and lend themselves to an endless array of solids or color combinations (free pattern)

THIRD: McKenna by the Berroco Design Team are super-simple cable mitts at bulky gauge (free pattern)

FOURTH: Weekend Walking Mitts by Dianna Walla are a little bit more of a commitment at DK gauge but still cabled only on the back of the hand, this time with a helpful foldover top and a bit more of a wow factor (For superbulky gauge, see Dianna’s Chuckanut Drive)

If you’re really pressed for time — like Christmas Eve knitting — the cutest, quickest mitts are Hannah Fettig’s 70 Yard Mitts.


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7 thoughts on “Quick Knits: Fingerless mitts

  1. First hats, now fingerless gloves…are you spying on my holiday knitting? Lol.

    (If the next post is about last-minute scarves or baby gear, I’m going to start looking for hidden cameras in my sewing/knitting corner.)

    I’ve got a pair of simple, striped fingerless gloves blocking right now, with another pair wanting tails woven in. Anne Hanson’s pretty, pretty, pretty Curling mitts, to be exact, which are supposed to be knitted up in light fingering weight, but can be fudged for sport weight if you’re careful with gauge.

    Note: I avoided gloves and mittens for the longest time until I realized that the thumb gusset and thumb are just really small armholes and sleeves, so not scary after all.

    • Yes! I always say if you can knit a thumb gusset (and you can!) you can knit a sweater, so vice versa for sure. That Anne Hanson pattern is cute!

  2. Andrea Mowery’s North Country Mitts are an excellent stash buster and IMO the perfect size handwarmer!

  3. I have knit myself several pairs of fingerless mitts with a generous foldover cuff at the finger end. They are perfect for me. When it gets ungodly cold here in northern WI I wear a pair over a pair of leather gloves; otherwise, the mitt is enough. (My car has a heated steering wheel, which helps a lot.)

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