Quick Knits: Cowls

Quick Knits: Cowls (holiday knitting pattern suggestions)

OK, trying to stick to my Monday brief about these gift knit suggestions being pulled from relatively new patterns (i.e., those I haven’t managed to get into the blog yet this year) means these are perhaps not the world’s quickest cowl patterns. You could certainly find faster ones out there (ahem) but these are situated comfortably on the fast <–> interesting continuum! For the previous gift-knitting installments this week, see Hats and Fingerless Mitts.

TOP: Mason by Julie Hoover is a simple stockinette funnel at chunky gauge with a little slipstitch colorwork for interest

MIDDLE LEFT: Flying Solo by Espace Tricot is written for two strands of shifting shades to create an ombré but could also be done in a single strand of worsted. This one I actually favorited and forgot at the end of last year, which is hard to believe since it ties right into the whole dickey conversation (free pattern) — pardon me while I cast on

MIDDLE RIGHT: The Shift by Andrea Mowry is the biggest commitment of the bunch, an oversized bandana shape, but seems like it would be so much fun — more slipstitch action

BOTTOM: Sten by Renate Yerkes is double-knit in contrasting shades of worsted for a two-sided cowl

I hope that all gives you some ideas, whether for yourself or others!


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8 thoughts on “Quick Knits: Cowls

  1. I am going to commit to making a dickey type and one that is quick-thank you for Flying Solo push.
    I might try a thicker yarn, larger needle and cast on less.

  2. Wow, how did I miss Flying Solo when it came out??? I’m not a big cowl/dickey fan but this one looks perfect…so soft and drapey and most of my stash is fingering weight so I’m all set!

  3. I just knit a lace weight cowl in a WEEK, which seems quick to me! Very simple and elegant lace pattern. I knit other things in that week. I can’t recommend it enough! Golden fields lace by JenJoyce Dedigns. Available on Ravelry. I was a test knitter, so did get the pattetn free, but otherwise no remuneration for singing this one’s praises.

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