Quick Knits: Hats

Quick Knits: Hats patterns for gift knitting

With gift-knitting season upon us and my having a backlog of eye-popping knitting patterns I haven’t squeezed into the blog yet, I decided to do a sequence of New Favorites alternatives this week: recent killer accessory patterns that also knit up quickly and would make great gifts. Starting today with hats, the ultimate unisex gift. These patterns have enough going on that they’ll be fun to knit and make an impression, but not so much as to slow you down too much!

The particular beauty of hats — or any small-scale gift knits, really — is that it’s a chance for you to have fun rotating through different techniques while you’re at it. A definite win/win—

TOP: Tamitik by Shannon Cook shot straight to the top of my hat list when I first saw it on her Instagram* — cute, simple and bulky is a perfect gift-knit combo

MIDDLE LEFT: Diamondback Hat by Mary Jane Mucklestone was on her needles when I saw her in September and it gave me instant cast-on-itis — rhythmic 2-color stranding at worsted gauge

MIDDLE RIGHT: Adam by Rachel Atkinson is a fitted cap in DK on 8s with gorgeous knit-purl patterning

BOTTOM: Pabst Blue Ribbon by Thea Colman is a striking use of cables on a simple cap at aran gauge (see also: Wild Dandelion)

You guys, I picked these thinking “slip-stitch, colorwork, knit-purl texture, cables,” something for everyone, and didn’t realize till I saw the photos together that I unconsciously assembled a collection of diamonds! But then isn’t that the ideal motif for a gift knit?

(Disclosure: Shannon has since sent me the pattern.)


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18 thoughts on “Quick Knits: Hats

  1. Such a relevant post for me. For some reason I am really into hats this year. I just did finish the Adam, using two strands held together of a locally raised dark brown sport weight alpaca/merino mix that I just could not find a pattern for. I knitted an entire shawl from it, and with two rows left to go, decided I didn’t like it and frogged it. Works beautifully in the hat.
    Another hat I recently completed is Timber Bay using Quince & Co. Owl. Wonderful texture, the yarn works great with the pattern.
    Next on my list is Shadbush, using some of my leftover Owl. Such a pretty, simple color pattern.
    Then on to Tamitik and Wild Dandelion, I have some stash yarn ready for both.
    Bring it on, winter!

  2. The Sisters Hat Collection by Jodi Brown has been my go-to this year for hat gifts. All worsted weight, slipped stitches for easy colorwork, each one finished in a few hours. Four knitted already, two to go.

  3. I’m in the hat parade, too – I’ve done two this fall, among my other projects. Both are two-handed Fair Isle, one with traditional Swedish brim & motif.

  4. It’s not unisex, but a favourite of mine for men is Jared Flood’s “Turn a Square”. I usually make it in Cascade 220 (soft and warm) and it’s always perfect. As for hats for myself, I have a problem–I wear my hair in a messy bun most of the time, since shoulder length grey-streaked hair doesn’t look great on a 61-year-old. That means I prefer the roominess of a beret to accommodate the extra bulk in back. I usually wear my own “Yule” https://www.ravelry.com/patterns/library/yule-5 (quick and easy fairisle ), but on those occasions when I wear a single braid I opt for “Penelope” https://www.ravelry.com/patterns/library/penelope-23 (super-quick in Osprey, and fun because it uses Emily Ocker’s circular CO for a top-down beginning).

  5. Love, love, love wearing hats, but have zero interest in knitting them. My head is so small and often the examples in shops swamp me, so knitting hats for myself should be the perfect solution, yet still I have no interest. Even when I have a ball of yarn that would make a perfect hat, I have no interest. Many years ago I bought myself the Vogue Book of Hats and never knitted one, although I love looking at the pictures!

  6. I am just finishing my first Tamitik using Hinterland Watershed, as per the pattern, and it is a match made in heaven. Love the design, Shannon! And truly a quick, but still interesting and satisfying knit.

  7. Aww, thank you so much Karen – I’m so glad you like this one!! It’s also a little sentimental for me – I’m a big pile of mush when I make hats with these two in mind…

    Personally, I have been wanting to cast on for MJ’s for myself and I have some TukuWool in stash, all I need is the time. So much easier to cast on in fat yarn when I have a limited window, but that one is just beautiful….

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