New kit + Towns in town + Elsewhere

New kit + Towns in town + Elsewhere

Hello, Friday! It’s an exciting day over at Fringe Supply Co. — we’ve got a new Stowe Bag Kit from our friends at Verb, a kit for bags so pretty that photos can’t even convey the hand-loomed khadi, naturally dyed, sashiko-stitched gorgeousness. The kit is available now in three different color/fabric combos, and we do have limited quantities of them — it would make a beautiful gift either in either kit or bag form. And it just so happens Jen at Grainline is hosting a Stowe sewalong on her blog in December!

BUT WAIT, there’s more! We’ll also have this week’s Town Bag update at 9am CT. That one’s a little tricky due to overwhelming demand, so take a second to read the notes on how it will work. And if you don’t get lucky this morning, we will have more next week! We’re doing all we can to catch up with demand, and are grateful for your patience and determination in the meantime.

We also passed the six-year mark this week, and I marked the occasion by updating our About page, if you’re new-ish here or would like to know more about the history and mission of Fringe. We’ve come a long way these past few years! And I’m so eternally grateful for your support.

Now how ’bout a little Elsewhere:

This story of a quest to make an American flannel literally brought tears to my eyes (thank you, Sarah!)


– And back to awesome

A holiday garland I can get behind

– I’m officially not alone in my love of the dickey as all-day wear

– This week in Podcasts I’d Like Time To Listen To: Thread & Ladle

– Same goes for Gretchen Rubin on Love to Sew!

– The “Wiksten Kimono Jacket” is now the “Wiksten Haori” — cheers to Jenny for undertaking that (see also: Jamie & The Jones) and to @little_kotos_closet who was instrumental in both name changes

– Do you have a charitable knitting/crochet project? You might be able to win yarn for it

– Currently loving hats with a bit of mohair mixed in: exhibit A and exhibit B

Have a cozy weekend, everyone!


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15 thoughts on “New kit + Towns in town + Elsewhere

  1. Beautiful Kits! Also loved the American Giant article. Incredible company. I bought a Full Zip Hoodie this year and am living in it!

  2. I thought of you right away when I read the NYT story about the quest to make American flannel. Such an eye opening piece!

    • Even though I live it in my daily life, it’s hard even for me to really grasp just how truly difficult it is to make things here in the US. The determination by everyone involved actually choked me up a little bit! Can you imagine when he got to pull on his first finished shirt? So awesome.

  3. I have to say, I really loved Gretchen Rubin on Love to Sew (I just love those ladies!). It actually made me reconsider my “killjoy” opinion of her from reading her book, Better Than Before. I’ve read that book twice, so clearly it resonates, but I always found her to be a killjoy in it. Hearing her speak, I’ve changed my mind.

  4. Ah, that Japanese dickey! Took me right back to the 1970s, the heyday of the fashion for “tabards”. Go on, Google “1970s tabard” and revel in the glory. Perhaps it is time for a comeback?

  5. About the dickey… I’ve made Balsam by Pam Allen and call it my “modern dickey”. Easy to knit up and super cozy!

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