Elsewhere: More comfort, more gauge range, and a spot of macramé

Elsewhere: More comfort, more gauge range, and a spot of macramé

Friday! I’m so excited to have a real weekend, you guys, I can’t even tell you. (Cue the guitar: “Ooh, got the yarn / I’m gonna do some knitting”)

First things first: There is a hotly anticipated batch of the new Town Bag hitting the webshop this morning at 9am CT, and we also have the new MDK Field Guide: Revolution, featuring four interchangeable cable designs by none other than Norah Gaughan. AND! we now have the Lykke DPNs in standalone packs! So if you just need a set of 1s or 6s or whatever your heart desires, you can finally have that! If the bags are gone before you get there, please note that we will have more! We’re working as fast as we can to get stores restocked and keeping a small stack for ourselves each week, and I’ll keep restock dates and times listed on the page until we reach a point where we’ve gotten out in front of demand. Thank you so much for all the love for this latest brainchild.

And with that, Elsewhere:

Speaking of a bold stripe … (ref)

– The last bit of this really gets me: “I always have some small portable project that I can take with me to use as my ‘waiting’ time. This avoids me heading to my phone for my dose of dopamine (which does me no good) and instead offers me a way of including more comfort in my day.” (photo top)

These anonymous antique Chinese textile collages are so beautiful and are giving me an overwhelming urge to get back to my Log Cabin Mitts exploration … (via Jen)

This Jillian Moreno piece for MDK on why some yarns can stand to be knitted at a range of gauges is one of the best things I’ve ever read about knitting. (Did I tell you guys how many different gauges I successfully knitted Germantown in when swatching it for the Anna Vest? So fascinating when you meet a yarn like that)

– Were I in London, I’d be going straight to the Anni Albers show at the Tate

– Annual charity hat-drive time: Tiny Hats for Tiny Babies and Christmas at Sea. (Any excuse to make that 1898 Hat, so much fun.) What are others you’re a fan of? Share a link below

– My longstanding desire to make pojagi curtains for my bedroom just went into overdrive (See also)

Amazing (photo bottom left)

– And ummm, I might need to add “make macramé feathers” to my weekend list (via) (photo bottom right)

Actually, I’m not allowed to knit (or macramé, for that matter) until I make a further dent in my sewing room/closet cleanup, which is solidly in the “worse before it gets better” phase. But then: Ooh yeah, knitting. I hope you have a peaceful weekend!


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19 thoughts on “Elsewhere: More comfort, more gauge range, and a spot of macramé

  1. Love the new bags and pockets are so great! I’d like to suggest making the handles in a beige or other color. My bag handles in light colors quickly show dirt and it’s combined with oil from my hands so it doesn’t wipe off or even wash out easily. Am I missing something about how to use or care for the handles?

    • We do sell a really great canvas cleaner (currently temporarily out of stock). I haven’t tried it on webbing, but I feel like it would work. But I hear you and appreciate the feedback.

  2. I tried to purchase a Town Bag for my wife this morning on the website. I knew she liked the bag, and was going to give it to her for Christmas. I put the bag in my cart, and during the credit card portion at paypal, the site alerted me that the bag was now sold out. If the bag is in my cart, how could it have sold out?

    Also, I tried the contact page, and that seems to be crashing this morning, giving the error below:

    Fringe Supply Co.
    We’re currently setting up shop and will be open soon.
    Please follow our blog, Fringe Association, for shop updates.

    Is the site simply crashing, or is the bag actually sold out? If the bag is indeed sold out, and customers had it in their cart, I suggest you try a different e-commerce system. This is a bummer.

    • Hi, Erik — I know DG responded to your email so I’ll just add that I’m sorry for the frustration! I promise it’s frustrating for us, too. We’d love for everyone who wants one to have one and are doing our very best, but demand is extremely high and there’s only so fast our sewers can sew. Thanks for your patience while we work to catch up!

    • Erik-any tips I can give my husband how to find knitting gifts online? You have a lucky wife:)

  3. Karin any tips on what to take to knit in waiting rooms? I seem to have either a too large sweater or something that needs a pattern to follow. I am not a sock knitter:(

  4. Okay, I hope you won’t mind, but I’m holding you personally responsible for my total obsession with those macrame feathers. My to-do list for today has gone out the window and has been replaced with one item: get cotton string and fabric stiffener ASAP!! Also, loved Felicia’s post about crafting as comfort – it really spoke to me. She perfectly articulated how I’ve always felt: we all have such busy lives and can’t afford to spend our precious crafting time on projects that don’t bring us real happiness.

  5. Karen! Thank you so much for featuring my Refashioners Patti Smithness! That project was super fun. It kind of made me want to apprentice with someone who alters clothing for a living and quit my day job (which is in research/applied statistics, so, it is possibly the diametric opposite of sewing clothes). I’m so flattered. Hope you’re well.

  6. This part made me cry:

    “Making as a way to claw back a bit of time, a bit of agency, a bit of control. To find a bit of me.

    But…. some of this clawing back is a fuck you. Fuck you to a lack of space. Fuck you to demands and to a lack of freedom and just generally to responsibilities. It is the type of making that is essentially screaming at the universe “you don’t own meeee” or “you can’t take my freeedoooomm”.’

    I’m a newly single mom to a 18 month old, struggling to figure out how to make it all work, and this is exactly how making feels to me right now. It feels like survival.

  7. Oh those Chinese textiles! And the curtains! I’ve been looking at curtains for a few windows but finding nothing that grabs me, but I think that problem is solved now. Thanks!

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