Black and bluish (2018 FO-7) + BRB

Black and bluish Log Cabin Mitts (free pattern)

I’m in a hospital waiting room today as my husband is having some outpatient surgery. Nothing to be alarmed about (although all positive thoughts beamed toward Nashville are mightily welcome!), but I’m just not sure how much blogging I might get done this week since my focus will be on him. I’m sure many of you are thinking it’s been absolutely ages since you’ve gotten to see a pair of Log Cabin Mitts, so I’m leaving you with my latest pair. These got their thumbs on just in time to travel to Stitches West with me and get fondled by countless curious knitters along with the rest of the stack. (Those present having been the originals, ebony-and-ivory, toffee, these and the ones in progress — the grey ones were given to a friend.) This is leftover Shelter in Fossil and Newsprint, carried over from previous pairs, along with leftovers from my blue Bellows-in-waiting, and I absolutely love the interplay of the b/w and the blue/purple/green Harrisville tweed. These might be the last symmetrical pair for a minute — I’m headed into the asymmetrical part of the sketch pile.

Meanwhile, I’ve got my work cut out for me choosing winners from the #fringeandfriendslogalong feed, where there’s a daunting abundance of creativity and gorgeousness. Remember it isn’t technically necessary to be finished with your project — all of the prize details are here — but you can’t win if you don’t enter, which you can do by posting to the feed, i.e. by using the hashtag. (Photos do have to be appearing in the feed in order to be eligible, so if you have a private account, either switch it public for a few days or make a separate account just for sharing your log cabin pics). I’ll do my best to get it done between now and the end of the week, and will be back just as quick as I can—

Log Cabin Mitts (free knitting pattern)

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21 thoughts on “Black and bluish (2018 FO-7) + BRB

  1. I just purchased the Log Cabin Field Guide and I am enjoying it very much. I really like the way the mitts hug your hands and how portable must be. How long does it take you to make a pair?

    • I don’t really know, because I literally tend to just add a patch to a current square at an odd moment here and there, so they seem to just … happen.

  2. I’m thinking you should make a mismatched pair; think assymetrical. Ones that aren’t mirror-image of each other, though they may use the same yarns. Personally, I think that creates a whole new level of interest.

    • Yep, I wrote as much above. There’s a pair awaiting its second thumb that are total happenstance and another half finished that are more of a planned asymmetry. And lots more ideas to be explored …

  3. Is it too late to add some photos to the logalong stream? I am almost done with a pair of Kureyon mitts, asymmetrical because Kureyon is never completely predictable and I hate to waste yarn. They turned out too big (who gauge swatches for a pair of mitts?) so I think I might felt them.

  4. Hope all goes well for your H. I saw “Black and Bluish” and “in the hospital” before the photo loaded and kinda freaked out, so I’m glad that everyone is basically ok!

  5. to Deepa: I think it is fine to post to the #fringeandfriendslogalong still. Original post for LAL (vs KAL) was through Feb 28, as I recall. I have some sorta asymmetrical mitts that should be entering the feed because I used what was left of my Noro silk garden for a pair.

    Karen, big billowy-cloud, sunshiny-skies worth of good wishes coming your and your husband’s way in Nashville. It’s glorious here in Eastern MA today. May all go well and some of that glory reach you.

  6. Dear Karen & Bob, sending all the warm thoughts and some snowflakes from Paris !

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