Toffee mitts + YARN for sale (2018 FO-6)

Toffee mitts + YARN for sale

So you know how I’ve been using these Log Cabin Mitts as a way to finally knit up some of the incredible skeins I have sitting around on shelves and in bins? Obviously one of the first ones I reached for is this delicious toffee-colored wool I bought from what was then TN Textile Mill (previously and once again Shutters & Shuttles) at Porter Flea in late 2016. The yarn had been custom-milled for a project that didn’t come to fruition and I’ve been intermittently pestering Allison ever since about what would happen to it. (If you don’t know, Allison now works part-time at Fringe Supply Co. keeping the trains running.) Today I’m thrilled to announce that I was able to acquire the remaining skeins from her and they’re for sale in the shop! This is the DK weight in Toffee, but there’s also a chunky weight, and both weights are available in Toffee and Black. Obviously supply is inherently limited, and I’ve hoarded some for myself! So get it while it lasts, whatever you may opt to use it for.

Related: Remember it’s only a week until I pick winners from the #fringeandfriendslogalong, so get those projects posted, whatever state they’re in! Full details on all of that here.

In other news, I’m off to Stitches West for the weekend (first time since I moved away), where I’ll be alternately roaming the show floor and hanging out by the big Fringe display in the A Verb for Keeping Warm booth (917/919), so if you’re there, please say hi!  Verb will have a full range of Fringe goods, including a stack of the limited-edition Mini Porters, and they’ve also made up exquisite little mini-skein bundle Log Cabin Mitts Kits! If you aren’t at the show, they’ve made a small number of kits available on their website.

Have a great weekend — I look forward to seeing some of you! — and I’ll be back on Monday.


PREVIOUSLY in Log Cabin Mitts: Ebony and ivory




9 thoughts on “Toffee mitts + YARN for sale (2018 FO-6)

  1. Ohhh! That is great news! I picked up 2 skeins of the DK weight when it was for sale through TN textile mill and have been kicking myself for not purchasing a sweater quantity at that time. It’s pretty much the perfect camel color, and I’ve been hunting for that perfect shade (like you) for years! Glad to know I have 1 more change to purchase more. (and your mitts are just lovely of course).

  2. Well, I just scooped up 3 skeins of the black and 3 skeins of the toffee and have a delicious striped sweater in mind to make with it ;) It really is a perfect neutral and I can’t pass it up.

  3. I knitted an improv sweater in the chunky toffee and a vest (that needs to be frogged and knit up at a smaller size!) in the black chunky weight–both done about a year ago–and I can attest that this yarn is wonderful! It does pill a bit, which you’d expect of merino, but surprisingly not all that much, given how soft it is and how rough I am on my sweaters. The color in the toffee, anyway, has held through lots of wearings and a couple of washings.

    I’m sorely tempted by the idea of DK weight, I must say…

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