Idea Log: Not quite harem pants

Idea Log: Not quite harem pants

I have a longstanding longing for a pair of utterly perfect drop-crotch pants. Something slouchy and cool. Understated — not overly harem-ish. Definitely not Hammer pants. The other day I ran across the image above (middle left) on Pinterest, linked to a page where someone had dumped a ton of images with no credits, so I have no idea who designed them or was photographed wearing them or anything, but they are pretty damn dreamy. The mutton-leg shape is just the right proportion between the upper volume and the lower leg width, and omg those pockets. But even if I could locate and order them up, they’re still a little bit more voluminous than I probably really want to wear. They’re just such a polished example, something to strive for! My friend Kate alerted me to the Straight-Cut Sarouel Pants pattern pictured above (middle right), from “Happy Homemade Sew Chic,” and they look pretty promising. Especially this slightly modified pair. But basically I’m looking at these, my toddler pants pattern (modified Robbie) and Folkwear’s Japanese Field Pants pattern, and imagining what sort of hybrid I might be able to cook up. I have a few lucky yards of this lightweight fabric made from recycled denim that’s begging to become … these.


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  1. Oh: those pockets!!! On this freakishly warm and drizzly February morning here in NE GA, I’d be more than excited to wear a pair of those harem pants, so I’m eagerly awaiting more news from you!

  2. You need fabric with lots of drape, cut on bias. The trousers at top left are light linen, which makes them dreamy. Imagine knitting Julie Hoover’s Benton in worsted weight.

  3. I love everything about that picture on the left. I’ll take the pants and the sweater. I can’t wait to see what you make.

  4. I made a pair of True Bias’ Hudson Pants in stretch rayon for travel without the ankle cuff and they are very close to what you are describing, though the pocket isn’t as generous as your sketch. Check them out as a sloper to modify!

    The denim might not have the drape you want. I think making a muslin in chambray would be VERY wearable!

    • Oh, I keep forgetting about that — have seen people make great Hudsons in woven fabrics. I’ll have to take another look.

      This fabric is super light and drapey — it’s made of recycled denim, but is not itself denim.

  5. Basically I love the phrase “Hammer pants” and feel sorry for anyone too young to understand what it means. PS can’t wait to see what you cook up!

  6. I’ve toyed with the Harem-type pants idea, checked them out on Etsy, then wondered if I’d go crazy with the extra fabric around my legs. (Tend to wear straight legged pants.) But they still fascinate! And look so comfy. LOVE the Vogue pants pattern (thanks Trish) and the images on Google of a variety of women wearing them. Put that one on the wish list and then see what other great suggestions turn up here today.

  7. The Sarouelle (sp?) pants from Folkwear come out good. I had a pair that I made in a challis print and I used to get compliments on them. I have the pattern out, now, in my studio for reproduction.

  8. You definitely need to checkout the Arenite pants but Sew Liberated! This is high on my list to make and it seems like these may be a make of the Instagram pic.

  9. You should checkout the Arenite Pants but SewLiberated, I think they may even be the pants in that Instagram Photo. They are in my sewing queue and I think they’d be so comfy for spring!

  10. These types of pants are my favorite! I ordered a pair of Japanese work pants last Summer but they didn’t fit me right and then more recently I splurged on a pair of ES Clyde pants and I where them all the time. Also, if I ever learn to sew, I need to make myself a pair of those Arenite pants from Sew Liberated.

  11. I have made the Happy Homemade pants and they are not, unfortunately, very flattering. I made a pair out of lightweight linen and the front and back were billowy and diaper-like. I ended up altering them to be “normal” pants.

  12. I made these pants a few years ago, and was disappointed. They hang nicely on someone who is very skinny/tiny, but look weird on a bigger (size 10)
    person. The lower legs are too slim for the bulbous top.

  13. Karen — Have you seen the Arenite pants by Sew Liberated? She is just finishing drafting the pattern but check out @sewliberated on Instagram. May be just what you want….

  14. A couple of years ago, I tried some loose-fitting “lagenlook” kind of pants, but with the crotch halfway to my knees, they drove me absolutely crazy to walk in. I think you’re wise to try a less extreme version.

  15. I like the idea, but if the fabric is loose and flows won’t putting stuff in the pockets weigh them down and distort them? I love pockets but find hate feeling off balance!

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