Idea Log: The pre-Spring sweater

Idea Log: The pre-Spring sweater

Of all my Yarns in Waiting, the one grunting at me most impolitely from the shelf is that skein of bright green Andorra from late last year, and as it happens, I’m also in the mood for some color — especially all of the greens — as we head toward Spring. I was originally thinking this one might become an old-school, oversized, V-neck sweater vest with wide ribbing at the neck and armholes. I still really like that idea, but somewhere along the line — probably due to the mohair content of the yarn — a slightly retro little pullover wandered into my thinking. I have in mind that my next pair of toddler pants will be made with the more tailored fit of my camo pair combined with a slightly straighter, narrower, longer leg. And I like the idea of these two shapes together, especially with flat boots for transitional weather. The shape of the sweater is not entirely unlike my lopi version, but more fitted and much lighter fabric, which I would be hoping is enough to offset the warmth of the mohair.

It popped back into my mind again last week after I posted that insane Sacai sweater/dress mashup. I was studying the sweater part of it thinking I wannnnt that … and wondering if maybe my little green mohair sweater needs some cables. And then along came Francis in the comments, saying it reminded her of Julie Hoover’s Hatcher pattern, which I’d somehow completely forgotten about, even though I’ve tried it on! So now I’m picturing something in between all of these things …


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13 thoughts on “Idea Log: The pre-Spring sweater

  1. That Hatcher looks very useful — you can wear it alone or with a collared shirt or T-shirt underneath.

  2. Spring is on my mind since I started to knit Jesper, from Julie Hoover’s second Sweater Club, so I’m totally with you on that subject !
    Hatcher is a lovely design, but I am totally unable to understand how DK weight and short sleeves can match, it seems totally counter-intuitive…

      • Hi Julie,
        Thanks for the info ! It will be perfect for Autumn.
        And, btw, Jesper is such a dream to knit …

  3. YES I adore these ideas and sketches! I know some cannot fathom short-sleeved sweaters but I think they are useful and adorable.

  4. Yes! This will be a wonderful and useful piece for your wardrobe! I am a lover of short sleeved sweaters for both their look and their practicality – I seem to have my hands in the sink so many times a day and not having to push up sleeves is really nice! The Sacai sweater/dress piece is cool, but that bag is beyond thrilling!!! I just may have to find some faux fur and use the strap from an old Diesel bag and make tassels and…

  5. Lovely yarn, but keep in mind that mohair (even kid mohair) can be hard to wear next the skin. At least it is for me. Plus, it’s almost as warm as alpaca. Maybe you should wear your swatch inside your shirt for an hour to make sure it’s OK!

  6. I’m also a big fan of the short-sleeved sweater over a long-sleeved button up (especially with rolled sleeves). Or over a State smock. Of course, my winter motto this year was “weird layers.”

  7. Ondawa by Michelle Wang is very close to your Sacai too, I’m sure you could do it with short sleeves.

  8. Oh, what a stunning color! I am knitting right now one is baby alpaca in the same shade, just slightly darker – such a joy!

  9. Short-sleeved sweaters are much more versatile than you might think, and they are perfect for transition moments that hesitate between cold and warm. This green is so vibrant, it will be perfect against most of your neutral pants and skirts, and under your neutral cardigans.

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